ZMA & Nosebleeds

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 02, 2011 at 3:08 PM

I never get nosebleeds. Maybe a few times when it's super dry in the winter, but it's not normal for me. And I've been on fish oil for 2 years with no problems.

Started ZMA 2 nights ago, with the recommended dose of 3 caps before bed.

Horrible nosebleed today when out for a walk... (Looked like I had been involved in a very gruesome fight...).

Thoughts? Is it related? I seem to get a lot of responses on Google for Zinc and Nosebleeds or ZMA and Nosebleeds.

If it is related, should I stop completely? Lower the dose?

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2 Answers



on July 02, 2011
at 08:05 PM

I found years ago that B Complex with Zinc was great for stopping nosebleeds. I don't supplement that much anymore and don't have any issues, figure I'm getting enough zinc and B vitamins.

I personally think your nosebleed was unrelated.


on July 02, 2011
at 05:00 PM

Shazkar: Hopefully, your goal is to be healthy over the long-term (I hope it is) and not just strong or athletic (or treat a symptom, i.e. poor sleep) in the short-term. "True health" (proper/correct overall function), is 100% dependent upon optimal or proper cell function. Optimal/proper cell function can ONLY be achieved when you give your cells the correct/proper/optimal environment. This whole paleo movement is really about giving your cells the right environment, so they can be left to do their biz properly and keep you healthy.

That said, I'll try to answer your question with 2 questions.... 1-What info do you have, or what respectable scientific studies have you seen or read that clearly demonstrates that this stuff improves cellular function (health) in any way, shape or form? 2-Is this ZMA stuff a primal/paleo-like whole/non-refined food or is it a highly-reduced, fractionated chemical? Cheers and good luck.

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