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I think what's happened with the years we've actually something guide is very precious you know I was talking to a group discussed inform the day knows I know the world doesn't switch off anymore as when I was a key TV with sweet of you know I don???t know some you may remember that I but twelve o???clock or Nolin up we say goodnight we'll see you tomorrow morning and you get a test pattern nakedness look at home what could save him as in I did say they go off the radio stations were not need anyone ring you after my cock not must've been a death in the family and this look at Harrah's on their faces yet the world use district of it doesn???t suite of anymore and because it doesn't we talk anymore we let flee go with its limited hands and because there's a sinister I could tell me what we sleep I cannot see you the reason why we would all I've been given us a but we know ZEN CLEANSE that sleep is essential we've let something really precious: and and I think if timed clearly I think time to get up and start to talk about you everywhere is not just get off the couch it's not just my good features is actually my priority sleep as well making sure you get enough thank you very much for being he it's not sufficient. or on yet on rare he then we head his Hyeres his him here up a here up he said he then this he hit with he added he the resisted is I'll you see his I'll as the your here for at handed souls his hereof and Lee use do who'll does up he saws NOP and with while up sleeve good Hills up because I love sleeping not always haven opportunity to talk about it I love race it to you I love learning about it I love doing it and I've been doing it now researching for that nearly twenty years and this may come as a surprise to you but for life 900 racist we actually don't know why we slay now I think this is really surprising piece of information we could put the man on the main and with slowly unraveling the mysteries of the Higgs boson but I can tell you in Oconee 1 elf why we do something that we do from the asserted their lives so up actually think this is one of the reasons why because that we don't know the purpose.


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