Seasonality in reaction to different macro-ratios: reduced ability to tolerate ZC in summer

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created July 13, 2011 at 11:58 PM

i usually have only one meal a day (in the evening), eating, for the most part, either animal- or plant-derived foods, an approach that renders my diet to look something like this:

day1: eggs

day2: meat (anything from ground beef to chicken liver)

day3: fish

day4: going full veg*n: which may be potatoes with butter, or bananas with maple syrup

but here's an issue i have recently noticed, with the rise in temperature (which can go as high as 35 degrees C [=95F]), it appears that my ability to handle zero carb ('no plants') meals has either drastically diminished or completely disappeared: what was completely tolerable in winter has become almost impossible in summer: about 3 hours after a ZC-meal i feel ridiculously awful: nausea, weakness, uncomfortable feeling in stomach, and, what i would call, a 'full-blown disgust with life' when the only thing you can/want to do is to lie down in coma-like prostration

so, the question(s):

has anyone (doing ZC) else noticed the same issue?

does it make sense from an evolutional perspective that humans are adapted to ZC during cold periods, but should adopt a more plant/carb-centered way of eating during hotter seasons?



on July 14, 2011
at 01:38 AM

I'm also craving lots of fruit in the heat of southern NV. I recently tried experiments and found if I eat only protein/fat, I crave fruit; if I eat only fruit, I crave protein/fat. As long as I eat those 2 categories, I don't crave anything else.



on July 14, 2011
at 01:30 AM

salt? 10 more to go...



on July 14, 2011
at 12:12 AM

I guess it does make sense that you would crave more fat in the winter than you would in the summer. I personally only crave fruit right now.

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5 Answers



on July 14, 2011
at 12:16 AM

Pure speculation here and personal experience.

Fruit comes into season in warm weather. Hot weather causes me to get a little swollen especially around the ankles. Fruit has a lot of potassium and other minerals that could potentially attenuate this.

I think T.S. Wiley in lights out talks about carbs in summer as well. Right now, fruit salad is the only thing that sounds good.


on July 04, 2013
at 03:35 PM

Yes,I definitely experience the same thing. Since I sweat buckets when it goes over 90?? F, the fruit cravings make a lot of sense with the potassium depletion.

Though it may be a bit more complicated than that, it is probably smart to respond to the cravings in a conscious fashion; eat more fruit, but maybe pay attention to getting enough protein via protein boosted smoothies. It is very easy for me to ignore protein foods (or all food, for that matter) altogether while remaining pretty active. Which of course causes me to feel like crap and lose a lot of muscle pretty fast. The fasting response to hot weather stress might even be dangerous if it continues for days.

This time of year is when whey protein, gelatin, whole raw pastured milk, fish, eggs, salads, cold soups are really helpful.

Potassium and magnesium supplements might be really important too, as well as added salt. Heat stress can become a medical emergency before you have realized your body is in trouble. I think part of the carb-fruit cravings are an indication of extreme heat stress, those cravings also tend to occur under other types of stress.



on July 04, 2013
at 03:46 PM

Get some salt and bone broth in you to balance electrolytes. Supplement Magnesium.

I eat a ketogenic diet all the time and have no problem with carb cravings.



on July 14, 2011
at 03:52 PM

makes sense if you look at the natural food available in different climates... maybe Mississippi is so full of freakin obese people b/c they dont need all the fat they eat and need more fruit/veg...because it is HOT here most the year. heat index 120 today!

i know i personally do better with fat/carb in the summer and fat/protein in the winter



on July 14, 2011
at 12:35 AM

Personal experience here, I tend to eat less overall during the warmer months, even though I am more active, but I am always LC or VLC and have been for years, do not experience cravings. I do tend to make more one-pot meals during the summer months, mostly stews and chilis, but these are heavily meat based, perhaps the smaller sizes of the meat along with the broth/sauce and long, slow cooking makes these types of meals easier to digest.

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