Yogurt made me sick

Answered on March 02, 2014
Created March 01, 2014 at 1:45 PM

Going paleo really improved my health problems in just a couple of days of doing it. I always used to feel so sick with a lot of different symptoms..But last week i ate yogurt and since then i have been feeling sick again. I was surprised because i didn't think yogurt would make me feel so sick. And i am kind of worried because i havent eaten yogurt for 5 days and i still feel sick. Does anyone have experienced a problem with yogurt? I am curious.



on March 01, 2014
at 05:39 PM

That's not a symptom, that's a diagnosis. And I agree with @FishGelatin, that doesn't sound like a problem yogurt will cause.


on March 01, 2014
at 03:53 PM

That really doesn't sound like something yogurt could do.



on March 01, 2014
at 01:53 PM

The doctor said it's lymph problems.



on March 01, 2014
at 01:49 PM

We can't really give a good answers with no symptoms… being vaguely "sick" doesn't tell us anything. Gastrointestinal upset maybe? Describe…

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4 Answers


on March 02, 2014
at 06:19 AM

I have read in a couple different places that there is an enzyme that your body stops producing when you cut dairy out of your diet. I have the same issues if i ever try to drink even a glass of soy or almond milk since i have turned paleo. It used to not hurt my stomach at all, now it immediately feels upset, bloated, and very uncomfortable. My advice is to live with out dairy if your going paleo. Your body feels better because you are digesting properly and eating the correct foods in which it was designed to process. Your body also becomes more efficient at digesting food because it is able to produce other enzymes to digest paleo foods, and it will stop producing the enzymes that digest (and slow down the body!) dairy.



on March 02, 2014
at 01:37 AM

did you make it or buy it? was it old or expired?



on March 01, 2014
at 05:47 PM

As @Matt 11 points out "feeling sick again" is not very descriptive. Lots of important information is missing. With respect to lacotse intolerance.....

common reactions in people who are lactose intolerant

Bloating, gas, rumbling in bowels, pain or cramping in lower abdomen, loose stools or diarrhea, vomiting due to inability or reduced ability to digest lactose.

There are also milk allergy reactions.

What is your previous exerpeince with yogurt?

Just becuase you "got sick" around the same time as eating the yogurt does not mean it was the cause.

A better description of the symptoms & what else was going on at the same time would lead to better answers.



on March 01, 2014
at 02:03 PM

You might have some sensitivity to dairy, even though it might not be lactose.

It might be a coincidence - you might be sick from something else.

What kind of yogurt? was it home made or commercial? If commercial, perhaps some other ingredient that doesn't belong there is what you reacted to - they tend to put tons of sugar, color, and other crap in the commercial stuff these days, while removing the milkfat.

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