Is it histamine intolerance or yeast overgrowth?

Answered on September 13, 2013
Created September 10, 2013 at 10:24 PM

Here are my symptoms: (I am an 19 year-old, 154lb male)

  • Itchy hands, feet, legs, arms, ear canals, anal canals often following seemingly random foods
  • Infrequent yet persistent anxiety often following seeming random foods
  • Overeating
  • Frequent belching
  • Moderate constipation but seemingly more severe pre-Paleo
  • Join and bone pain (mostly gone since going Paleo): I get this with even low-intesity exercise.
  • Cardiovascular problems: low blood oxygen levels and rapid heartbeat
  • Hot flashes (gone since going Paleo)
  • Dizziness upon waking
  • Low libido
  • Itchy eyes, runny nose especially to environmental conditions (seasonal allergies) but also definitely diet-dependent
  • Fatigue

Any thoughts/questions?



on September 10, 2013
at 11:13 PM

I had a Metametrix test that showed a variety of issues including high levels of yeast and h. pylori but as I understand tests for candida are not very accurate; as well, I am unsure of the legitimacy of theses tests as medical doctors are not able to confirm their results. I believe I have had candida overgrowth at one point in my life, but want any thoughts or comments on if I still have it or if both histamine intolerance as well as yeast overgrowth could potentially coincide.



on September 10, 2013
at 10:45 PM

do you have any test results (blood or other), that you can post to further the info

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on September 13, 2013
at 10:40 PM

Hey man, sorry I tried to respond earlier, but the new website had glitches in the forgot your password until now.

Yes I have the same symtpoms, even break out in hives during heat it is yeast. My advice is to avoid sugar and high histamine things, you can look it up. I was 19 and 154lbs when it started happening to me too.. just type in histamine restricted diet into google

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