Histamine Intolerance... for the last year I believe I've confused this with yeast overgrowth.

Answered on October 25, 2014
Created September 10, 2013 at 6:37 AM

I have lots of questions.

How do I make sure I 100% have this? I did a bit of research and strongly feel like this represents me as a person than any other classification. I've been Paleo for about a year, I feel like I have been a part of the "yeast overgrowth" fast-track and have been trying to avoid sugar and consume garlic and other antifungals... with little luck on most occasions. In truth, it varied whether or not foods caused rashes or not. Itchy ashes + high anxiety would be heavily triggered by fermented foods and heavily processed foods. I think at one point I did actually have yeast overgrowth but I doubt I still have it. Most doctors do not believe so anymore and themselves have thought it to be a histamine reaction. How would I be tested for it when most everyone has never heard of "histamine intolerance"?

What foods do I need to avoid? I have read over several variations of lists and honestly it just made me more confused. Which are good and which are bad? If I need to perform "experiments" what do I do?????

Some of these lists say "Fresh meat". What does this mean... raw meat?? I have to eat RAW beef? and chicken??? If so, how would I go about doing that and not puking my insides out O_o

Some lists say salt is a culprit. While this appears to actually be true for me, I find it to be the most difficult thing in the world to avoid both sugar + salt. Should I call BS? So restrictive :(

How do I cure this? Healing the gut is a good idea but I've been taking l-glutamine, following autoimmune protocol, drinking bone broth and eating gelatin with improvement but still no "cure" my itchy skin, cardiovascular issues, anxiety, digestion issues, etc and other problems are still here!

When should I take an antihistamine? I do notice they help with everything but they do not relieve the persistent anxiety when I eat a high-histamine food

Sorry for all of the questions and thanks for any help at all :)



on September 10, 2013
at 07:23 AM

here's something else to consider Owen, you could have a methylation 'issue'. in your case undermethylation (google undermethylation), this may result in you having chronically high histamine levels. There is a histamine blood test you can ask for if you want to check/confirm this, if you do test, get the blood drawn in the morning in a fasted state, so no foods/liquids affect the result.

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on October 25, 2014
at 03:19 AM

There is little understanding of histamine diets without the methylation concept.  If you are high histamine you are an undermethylator (low histamine is overmethylator).  You need methionine and some other items, such as B6.  Avoid excessive folate and B12




on September 10, 2013
at 05:24 PM

Thank you daz! I'll look into it :)

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