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I well let's see what???s causing this but I wouldn't put on a drug probably it???s a thousand people out there that are on cholesterol drugs is maybe one that needs that drug one ate thousand and these people have a class of five or six hundred that will actually talk to clog your arteries without even oxidizer just because it???s so that they can do it but most people don't and this is a thesis met and in fact if you're over 65 thesis a back you know have this stats with menthe higher cholesterol the longer you live the lower your cholesterol the shorter your life span over age 65know why is that because by age 65 you fucking way so much oxidative stress so much free radical damage that you don???t have that class till there to put out the fire we started wither away a few class to start Yacon Root Max dropping very quickly when you're older you are in big trouble and yet they're out there telling your seven years older 75 radio take this medicine you need it and I think doctors are bad people cut they're not I'm a doctor I work with doctors I work in the most common we'd been misled we've been brainwashed by the drug companies we have become pawns other pharmaceutical industry and our purpose is basically and tipping pushing drugs and most doctors have so little understanding a biochemistry or physiology its really scary I had a patient recently she went to her doctor and she ask your doctor should she take Co q10 is a cardiologists and the cardiologists response was I'll I know I never heard that before good you laugh it's scary now either hews pulling her leg or he which is not very good or he was ignorant probably one or both but either way it does not do you know that co q10we've all heard cookie 10 right yeah that's cut there's that no doctors in here in what happened to the stake if that drug anybody knows what happens to take up to 10 up you Skokie 10 goes down it blocks the synthesis of coke you 10 did you know that if you live in Canada anybody Staten drug right on the bottle it says warning do not take this drug unless you ???retaking Co q10 yeah in Canada did you know that back in the eighties when mark came out with the first.


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