Necessary to "Workout" or Not

Answered on October 01, 2013
Created September 30, 2013 at 11:15 PM

My girlfriend and I having trouble deciding what is constitutes "enough"...we both work in food..her as a server and me as a busser..Usually on one of my shifts I walk between 5-7 miles accompanied with carrying trays, stocking ice and cups, along with our walking on campus with full backpacks. Often times when there is time to do "Insanity" or go to the gym to lift we are physically and mentally exhausted. Do we use caution and take breaks when we can get them or fill in our free time with more "traditional" exercise.

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4 Answers


on October 01, 2013
at 09:21 AM

After thinking for a long time on your problem i figured out that you should continue your workout with a perfect plan. http://www.xtremepowersweden.com/ currently i m not doing any kind of workout coz of muscle spasm but i walk on a few miles track. i just use Xtreme Power supplement to keep fit and motivate.



on October 01, 2013
at 06:06 AM

There is an app called Moves...iphone or android.

It will keep track of your physical activity (only if you wear / carry your phone).

There also is the Nike Fuel band (extra expense beyond a smartphone)

I can tell you that on the days that I log 8000 to 11000 steps (3 to 4 miles) I feel much better than on the days when I do under 4000 or over 15000. YMMV

What's your objective here? IMO, just enough physical to achieve your goals is enough. Do have you sufficient aerobic capacity & sufficient strength to navigate your life? Do you have decent muscle mass? Can you lift stuff easily? Occasional sprints & heavy lifting are good but no need to overdo it.

People will disagree but walking can serve a lot of your exercise needs. So the 100 mile bike rides, unless you find them fun, are entirely unnecessary to matntaining your health.

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on October 01, 2013
at 02:49 AM

This is a very good question. I suffer from the opposite affliction these days (though I've been in your shoes before). When I was physically exhausted on most days of the week, I simply did not want to exercise for exercise sake. Sometimes on the weekends though we'd take long hikes or bike rides, do martial arts, or do other "pleasure" exercise and I think that's worth something even if you feel tired.

Now days I'm largely sedentary. My job requires long hours at a desk and when I get home there's always so much to take care of. I find myself eager to get in that bit of traditional exercise though, and absolutely THRILLED at the chance to do leisure exercise such as walking/jogging in the park. My body is wise and lets me know when I'm moving too much or too little. Listen to yours.

I think in your situation, you should take the time to get out doors and enjoy moving. Going out of your way to exercise for the sake of physical exertion when you're physically tired already seems stupid and I think your body tells you out right what you ought to do. However, there's something to be said for sweating and breathing hard. Listen to your body but try to get out and enjoy moving from time to time. Lift weights only if you need to gain muscle, otherwise there are other ways to sweat and beat your heart. Try to get your heart beat up a couple times a week, but preferably in a way you enjoy. Sex can be one of those - don't let anyone tell you that doesn't count as exercise. Just walking around at work or school doesn't challenge you enough so make sure to bring up that heart rate and maybe sweat a little, some times, but that's all if you're only interested in staying healthy.

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on October 01, 2013
at 02:49 AM

If you are exhausted then you are stressing out yourself. I'd skip the workouts or switch to short burst high intensity stuff just to change up from your daily slog. No pain no gain is BS.

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