Hows my workout routien/carb plan? Looking to lose fat and maintain muscle.

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 23, 2012 at 4:15 PM

*Day 1 Legs ~70 grams of PWO carbs (0-30 minutes after)/ VLC day

*Day 2 Back & Bis ~70grams PWO /VLC day

*Day 3 Chest & Tris ~70 grams of PWO carbs/ VLC day

*Day 4 High Intensity Cardio 30-40 mins ~70 grams of PWO carbs/ VLC day

*Day 5 Endurance 40-60 mins steady state cardio VLC day/ No major PWO carbs

*Day 6 All out high intensity Full body lift/ over 1 hr/ 250-300 carbs up to 4hrs PWO

*Day 7 rest...VLC

....PWO carbs = 70 grams worth of white rice + 2 hard boiled eggs OR White potatoes + eggs. Followed by high fat/protein meal 1-3hrs later.



on August 23, 2012
at 11:26 PM

I don't like your workout routine. Judging by the traditional bodybuilding style split, I am guessing it is too high volume to follow during a cut.

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on August 23, 2012
at 04:25 PM

it's probably more important to get protein right after a workout than it is to get fat, or certainly carbs.

I might try to combine day two with Day one and Three, and put another rest day in. and maybe swap day 5 and day 7.


on August 24, 2012
at 07:05 AM

If you're not trying to add muscle, you don't need any (or very minimal) PWO carbs. If you are, your PWO carbs should be made up of relatively simple sugars to elicit a quick insulin spike. This will shuttle fluid into your muscles along with all the vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, etc. you need to stay in a catabolic state. You only need about 30-40g depending on your weight to do that, which is about how much is in a medium sized banana. I usually have a PWO protein shake with whole milk and some coconut oil, and I only add the banana if I'm bulking.

I would also cut out the steady state cardio and stick to sprints and intervals instead.

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