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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 08, 2013 at 12:21 AM

How often do you do HIIT in a week? Is 3 times a week to much or to little? (And what is your favorite HIIT workout) Thank you and have a great evening:)



on April 17, 2013
at 08:09 PM

"max capacity training" program utilizes this protocol among other protocols. check it out



on February 08, 2013
at 12:33 AM

It's all about your capacity to recover. Under-recovering is usually due to poor nutrition and/or poor fitness. Just adjust your protein/carb content to appropriate levels.

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on March 06, 2013
at 02:26 AM

Tabata is great- you might like it better too because its 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off...there are plenty of fun videos on you tube if you search tabata. Its supposed to work well for weight loss and apparently raises your growth hormones and keeps them high for hours afterwards for that "afterburn" calorie burning effect. For my tabata w/o i usually do things like burpees, squats, mountain climbers. I have bad knees so i cant jump around too much. I find the burpees dont hurt as much as something like jumping jax do but theyre excellent for getting heartrate up. You can add weights to your squat too to keep the intensity high. 3 x a week i think should suffice...try to have a couple days of lower intensity, long walks if you can, and of course some resistance training days too cheers~



on April 17, 2013
at 08:09 PM

"max capacity training" program utilizes this protocol among other protocols. check it out



on May 15, 2013
at 11:53 PM

I do Insanity HIIT workouts 6 days a week. I started doing the regular 60 day program about a year ago and then I did it back to back straight through about 4 times. After that, I did Insanity Asylum Volume 1 for 30 days. Now, I just do my own custom hybrid going back and forth between Insanity and Asylum workouts. Like I said, I do this 6 days a week and don't seem to have any problems. I also try to get in some weight lifting and running when I can.


on May 01, 2013
at 09:03 PM

I lift 2 maybe 3x/week. For "sprints" I use a jump rope once or twice a week.

I'll go the basketball court down the block, stand in one corner and hit 60 fast skips, move to the next corner, sixty more, third corner, again, fourth corner and so on until I've gone around the court five times. It's easier to keep track that way. It may not take more than 10 or 12 minutes.

I'm 57 and smoke a pack a day so this is about as high intensity as I want. Getting injured or stroking out would really mess up my program. I get a good endorphin buzz from it and I've leaned out like mad between the rope, the weights and the paleo food which I put away like crazy. There's no hunger on this "diet."



on April 17, 2013
at 08:08 PM

  1. I do it 3 times per week and I also mountain bike and garden and generally try to move.
  2. I like "Max Capacity Training" as it is a reasonable time commitment and most importantly, does not require any sort of equipment. Google it. Bodyrock.tv and Zuzka light are both great too if you don't mind the overt sexuality of the videos


on April 03, 2013
at 06:41 PM

2-3 times a week seems great! Though at first you may want to start at 1-2 then move to 3 on a more regular basis.

Intensity is key. However, it often also depends on the person and how your body responds ot HIIT, for most they get great results and are able to do up to 3 times weekly. I would suggest you check out the bodybuilding forums for HIIT routines. They have a great database.



on March 27, 2013
at 12:36 AM

The optimal frequency of a High Intensity Training Workout is going to depend on the individual workout and what muscle groups are being stressed. You could workout twice a day every day of the week and be fine if each workout isolated a specific muscle group on the body. I often do a High Intensity routine focusing on chest/back Monday, shoulders/ arms Tuesday, and Legs/ core on Friday.

I am also a big fan of the exercise program popularized in the book Body By Science by Doug McGuff M.D. It has been talked about several times on this forum before. The reason that I love this resource is because it is extremely efficient. You can see massive results in as little as 15 minutes a week working out at a high intensity.





on March 12, 2013
at 10:04 PM

3 times per week sounds just right.

The insane people who do Crossfit 5 times per week... Well, I feel horrible for their adrenal glands and their joints.


on March 07, 2013
at 02:17 PM

I think it depends on just how intense your high intensity workouts really are. You can train HIIT style and still not truly push your limits. You hit that mental wall and convince yourself you are really pushing when your mind has bailed before your body. I'd say if you're training HIIT style until you're barely able to function at the end of your workout, it would be difficult to maintain that three times a week.

I don't think there are many people with enough mental strength to consistently explore the outer extremities of their training capacity anyway. That being said, your body can get acclimatized to such work and tolerate it somewhat. Then again it may not.

Try it and see how you cope. See what results you get. That's the best way you'll find out.


on March 06, 2013
at 04:17 AM

I do crossfit 3 times per week, sometimes 4. I definitely need the recovery time and probably couldn't sustain a schedule with more. I am 43 and don't bounce back quite as fast as I used to, and am more concerned with avoiding injury than I used to be.

Not to sound like a crossfit snob but I have never had a workout anywhere remotely near as intense as those I get in my classes, if you think you are doing high intensity workouts, drop in on a crossfit class and see how they stack up.

Some folks at my gym go 4-6 times per week, but 2 days per week are straight lifting and less intense.

I have heard that folks training for the crossfit games or other competitions train twice a day, which just sounds nuts to me. No idea how that is sustainable without juice.


on February 26, 2013
at 01:05 AM

I'm just getting into doing HIIT and so far I'm doing:

Twice per week, elliptical sprints on level 10+, 30sec-60sec rest intervals for about 15 mins or until I feel like I'm dying/exploding

Thrice per week, at home bodyweight/dumbells workouts, my version of HIIT I guess, do a minute of something as many times as I can, rest 30-60seconds and do 1 minute the next. Usually 15 mins. tops of this too.

I really can't do more than this, my heart feels like it will burst and/or my muscles are literally vibrating and jiggly

My limited understanding is that 3x per week is the maximum otherwise you are stressing your body too much, but there seems to be some varied opinions, so I follow my body. I'm not into over-training. I'm not into training even, I'm a lazy lazy :)



on February 22, 2013
at 12:30 PM

I do BJJ and spar 2-3x per week for an hour each session. Although not eliciting the same anaerobic levels as something like a Tabata-style workout, I think it's enough for me (I also perform 3+ max effort lifting workouts in the week).

But, when I haven't made it to the gym or need to burn some energy, I typically like a Tabata workout, usually something disgusting like mountain climbers or burpees.

GI Jane (a burpee followed with a pull-up) for 100 reps is a favorite non-Tabata workout (and is currently making my hands anxiously sweating with fear as I type this).


on February 08, 2013
at 01:23 AM

Three times a week here.

Exercises in order of preference:
(1) I do not have a stairs to run up, without possibly scaring old ladies carrying groceries who might then look at me funny.
(2) I'd prefer rowing (or rowing machine) as second option, but that's not practically feasible either.
(3) Third preference is sprint. But I'm not about to buy sneakers, timer, and make long trip to and back nearest track.

Therefore, I do my absolute least favorite exercise of all, jumping jacks.

I don't know whether twice or thrice weekly is optimal. But I figure since the input is relatively minor, the returns massive, I'd go for three.

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