Hack my VLC post op?

Asked on February 24, 2013
Created February 24, 2013 at 1:33 AM

I think I've almost got it, but I just got the okay from the doc to get back into heavy lifting (YAY). Prior to my thyroidectomy, I did LC for autoimmune reasons and to help control my seizure disorder. Now I am giving VLC a shot and getting back into the lifting regimen I had to leave behind because of a year long battle with thyroid issues. Here's how I'm planning my day so far, but I'm finding I'm starving, but not losing any of the thyroid weight!:

Breakfast: 2 Mini frittatas (meat & veg), 1 Pork sausage patty, 1 cup of veggies sauteed in leftover pork fat (alternative is 4 pieces of uncured bacon and two fried eggs with a veg)

Snacks: Berries, Pineapple, Melon, chicken strips, hard boiled eggs

Lunch: Beef, Shellfish or Pork (lean usually) slow cooked or pressure cooked in moist heat so it falls apart, 2 cups of veggies (cabbage, spinach, broccolini).

Dinner: Chicken (grilled, baked, or pressure cooked), salad with roasted veggies + avocado (this almost never changes).

Pre-WO: protein shake Post-WO: Banana + Protein shake.

WO Plan - Lift heavy 4 days a week, cardio will be 4-5 days a week (this may change depending on how much I can actually do - not trying to land in the hospital as I am just starting out again).

Now for the kicker. I'm allergic to fish and nuts, big Paleo bummer. Also, my fiance is Korean so I wind up cooking a LOT of Asian dishes. I've had to teach him to cut back on the tofu (sigh), but it's been so worth it. We do love Asian style dishes, so I've been Paleo-fying a lot of them. But can I eat like this long-term AND lift heavy like I used to? And with no thyroid? Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm just finding that since going VLC that I'm way hungrier than I used to be. Maybe it's just the beginning of it all and I should just chill out.

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