How Smoking Not Good for Women sexual health ?

Answered on April 12, 2019
Created July 04, 2018 at 5:16 AM

It is heard that smoking reduces sperm count in men but how smoking is harmful for Women sexual health?

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on July 06, 2018
at 07:04 AM

Smoking is not good for women health and also sexual health. smoking increase the rish factor during pregnancy and after pregnancy. and currently it effects on women lungs to breath as it will indirectly show side effects in future as it reduces the milk generation into breast, breast cancer , etc internal issues.


on April 12, 2019
at 11:02 AM

Among the countless active ingredients in tobacco, nicotine, carbon monoxide and firm free radicals are responsible for the restriction of blood vessels with a extra immediate effect, as numerous recent studies have verified. An infrequent cigarette can therefore lead to a substantial decrease in erectile enactment, for instance an surge of over 20% compared to a non-smoker!


on April 02, 2019
at 06:11 AM

Smoking is harmful for both men & women, Both are humen, has lungs, kidney, heart, brain, they breath and has same blood. Women used to face monthly periods, pregnancy, for which they need to be healthy and fit to fight with such natural body changes. After pregnacy they need more calcium and protein food and healthy diet, they also need to feed new born baby. Therefore it can said that smoking is more harmful to women as compare to men.

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