Body rejecting IUD and piercings?

Answered on May 07, 2013
Created May 07, 2013 at 9:06 AM

There are a few posts related to this topic but not a whole lot of info: http://bit.ly/129WhRc http://bit.ly/108cma1

I thought it was worth re-visiting.

Paleo has cleared up most problems for me (gut issues, skin issues, PMS, joint pain, other inflammatory issues), but lately I have had some problems that are new and I'm not sure how they're related.

I wore costume jewelry from my grandma without issues for years until recently just putting the earrings in pierced ears for even a few seconds causes the whole lobe to inflame. I can wear pure silver studs if I don't wear them for too long.

I had a non-hormonal / copper (and I now know also some trace nickel) IUD put in 7 weeks ago and my body actually spit it back out this morning (I'll spare you the details but it was very painful and messy).

I'm fairly low carb paleo and a very active and competitive rower, in terms of lifestyle. I was taking Zn and Mg well before the IUD as well.

Do you think it's the nickel? Or a body that's been well-equipped to protect itself? Is there any way around these kinds of reactions? Any hypotheses or information are most welcome. Thanks for your time!

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on May 07, 2013
at 03:29 PM

I have a serious metal allergy like this. I can only wear my wedding ring on special occasions - after about 2 hours my finger is red and swollen (and the ring is actually too big for me).

Earrings are a big no-no - if I wear them even for an hour my lobes inflame, and pus comes out of them for days.

Cheap nickel is bad, but I also have a bad reaction to gold and silver.

I've been told to try platinum (pricey) or surgical steel (not so pricey) alternatives, but I'm honestly loathe to spend money and have the same problem.

Paleo has done nothing to help this issue for me either (been paleo 3 years).

The one thing that does tend to soothe these inflammations is that I have a skin care product called Erno Laszlo. It has an oil that you rub all over your face, then follow with a bar of sea mud soap that is exfoliating. Somehow the combination of the oil plus the soap seems to help. You could maybe pull this off with regular coconut oil and soap. I'll rub the oil into my earlobes, or fingers, or whatever. It feels awesome.

For birth control, I use a diaphragm combined with a natural sperm blocker. (I use Contragel if I can get it -- hard to in the US -- or manuka honey. There are also recipes for using aloe vera gel + lemon juice etc. I'm on a yahoo group called Diaphragms and Caps that has all this info in the Files section). It has been very effective so far; I've used it for 2 years. And I'm a person who has gotten pregnant 4 times on the FIRST unprotected cycle, lol.


on May 07, 2013
at 02:32 PM

According to Ray Peat, it messes up your hormones production. He advises progesterone for birth control.


on May 07, 2013
at 01:19 PM

How weird is this? I had to quit wearing earrings since I went paleo (last September). It took a few months, but suddenly my lobes were getting all inflamed too. I've been wearing earrings most days since...oh....forever. I wonder if it's because we've reduced the other inflammation and our bodies can finally pay attention to the actual invaders? Or maybe our lobes were inflamed all the time and we just didn't notice because the rest of us was in so much worse shape? Sadly, I'm glad to hear it's happening to someone else too. Makes me feel less alone in my naked earlobes. I'm getting a lot of nice necklaces now...

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