Things I learned on Whole30

Commented on March 19, 2013
Created March 18, 2013 at 11:37 AM

Good morning!

I have officially completed my Whole30 challenge and thought I would share a few things I learned over the course of the challenge, feel free to share your thoughts and encourage others to take on this "strictly-paleo" approach.

  • The first three days my body was getting adapted to its new "diet". Although I spent too much time in the bathroom IMO, stick it out, it's worth it!
  • When you haven't eaten anything sweet, sweet potatoes start to taste and feel like marshmallow-god-sent-gifts.
  • My n=1 is that high fat + high protein = big headaches. I shouldn't be terrorized of carbs in the form of vegetables or fruits.
  • PORTION CONTROL YOUR NUTS. They're tasty things and it' easy to end up doing through that whole bag of cashews.
  • I can stomach dairy without any problem, however, wheat/gluten is a whole other thing. I tried some porridge after the challenge and it was apparent that I was intolerant to gluten/wheat.

Anyways I just wanted to tell anyone who's on the edge about paleo to give this challenge a try and see how it goes. It's a great way to get accustomed with your body and nix some toxic habits (IE sweeteners in my case).



on March 19, 2013
at 01:09 AM

Good point, thanks for the correction. That was a bit of a brain explosion... ;)



on March 18, 2013
at 12:48 PM

Cashews are *not* legumes. They are the seed of a fruit (and a culinary nut). The are not even remotely close to the plant family fabaceae.



on March 18, 2013
at 12:15 PM

Cashews aren't nuts fyi. They're legumes (and both starchy and fatty). Anyway I'm glad to hear someone being well ;)

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