Whey + Coconut Oil PWO Latte?

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I know that whey protein is in the gray area, or as Mark Sisson describes it, the 80/20 zone. But as many have said, it's also a complete protein source with glutathione and immune boosting properties. Hedonistically-speaking, whey isolate (lacotse & casein-free) also allows the dairy-sensitive to have a coffee latte again.

I'm a big fan of bulletproof coffee, but I've always wondered how to optimize it for a post-workout drink. It's great for natural energy, but IMO not so much for muscle building and recovery.

Any thoughts on my recipe of using whey isolate as a replacement for the butter to make it a PWO latte? You'd still get the fat and MCTs from coconut oil, but the whey isolate would produce 16g of protein (with no casein or lactose) and get you to a 2:1 fat-to-protein ratio. Since whey protein spikes insulin, if this isn't taken as a PWO drink, I would limit the total whey (not the total protein) to 10g.



on October 29, 2012
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Totally unrelated, but I challenge the claim in your link that undenatured whey isn't better: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1782728

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