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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 11, 2012 at 5:38 AM

I've been paleo for over 4 months now. I hadn't had any wheat but 4 days ago had a bowl of pasta. Major and fleeting lapse in judgement, I know..alcohol was involved.

For the first 2 days after this, I slept over 16 hours each day. I'm STILL extremely exhausted and I got over 10 hours of sleep the next 2 nights. I've had loose stool, gas and bloating for the last 4 days. I always get pimples when I veer from strict paleo and I'm still seeing new ones form even though it's been 4 days. Is it normal for the effects of wheat to last this long?? How much longer do I have?

Also, I tested negative for celiac blood tests and biopsy. I'm extremely sensitive to any grains and even carbs in general..for example, if I eat a few mangos at once I'll have to sleep for several hours.



on September 11, 2012
at 08:43 PM

unless you had a biopsy, your Dr did not rule out celiac. The bloodtests may be vey specific to celiac but they are not as sensitive to it as claimed. http://disasterkitchen.wordpress.com/?p=30&preview=true



on September 11, 2012
at 02:12 PM

One more article http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22825366



on September 11, 2012
at 06:10 AM

Sounds like gluten intolerance to me. It is called non-celiac gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity. Welcome to the club - I spend half a year sleeping for 16 hours. Here is a video, I hope it will explain some things http://towncenterwellness.com/resources-products/gluten-free/what-is-gluten-sensitivityintoleranceceliac-disease/

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on September 11, 2012
at 05:56 PM

Ugh so sorry to hear that! Yes it's normal, I need at least a week to feel better again after getting glutened. Everyone is different and our bodies will all react differently and how long it takes to get over it depends on your body, your base level of health, stress, etc.

A lot of us test negative, it's extremely common. I second the motion above that it could be non-celiac gluten sensitivity. It would be nice to have that definitive positive test but at the end of the day, you just did the most definitive test and got your answer... no gluten for you! Unfortunately.

When I'm glutened I just focus on recovery. I drink lots of water, some coconut water or homemade electrolyte drink (sea salt, dash of honey, lemon juice, water), and healing bone broths. I eat very clean and nothing that would aggravate my GI system too bad (hot spices, etc). I also try to keep some healing supplements on hand, for example GI Benefits by FoodScience of Vermont (best price is at Amazon). It has L-glutamine and some other healing herbs, with raspberry powder so it takes great (most l-glutamine powders are disgusting).

The video VB posted is HANDS DOWN the best video on gluten out there. Guy really should get some kind of award for that thing. Def watch it. Twice! : ) And save the link to refer back to it in the future (it's also helpful to share with family/friends who want to learn more about your condition).

Good luck on the road to recovery. This too shall pass!

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