15 minute Fitness? Has anyone heard of the program?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 02, 2012 at 8:24 PM

Has anyone heard of the 15 minute fitness program? good? bad? ugly? I've been more "Primal Blueprintish" for the past year along with my diet change (to Paleo). At times, I'll simply pump out 100 pushups for time (usually around 5 minutes) AND THAT'S IT for the day.

A friend of ours has been doing the "on ramp" class for the past 4 weeks with 15 minute Fitness, and seeing results, but the trainer is pushing ketosis in the beginning. I worry my friend will hit a wall too soon. I don't think this is necessarily bad, just curious as to what all of you know.


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on May 02, 2012
at 08:27 PM

There's no reason to spend hours at the gym every day so theoretically there's nothing wrong with a 15 minute workout. I for one am smoked after 100 pushups so I think that's a damn good workout. It all depends on the quality of the 15 minutes.



on September 07, 2013
at 12:44 AM

It all depends on your fitness goals and your overall programming. My overall goals are for utility and longevity.

I for one am a believer in the strength paradigm. That strength is the most important aspect of fitness. Fit by Lon Kilgore is an accessible read and explains the premise behind the strength paradigm.

To achieve even novice levels of strength for a 181 pound man under 40 in the four basic strength building movements: Back Squat 220, Deadlift 275, Bench Press 165, and Press 100 (all of these are one rep maxes) requires adoption of a program that uses linear progression of lifting heavy weights (within 85% of your 1RM) and set splits along the lines of 3x5 or 5x5 with 3-5 minute rest intervals between sets. Anything above 7-8 reps increases muscular endurance and not strength. A great strength training program is Starting Strength. This requires 3 sessions a week in a gym at about an hour a session. It would be difficult to program strength training into a 15 minute session.

There is a growing body of evidence that low intensity, sustained activities have numerous benefits that increase longevity and overall health. For this, I run short distances (2-3 miles) twice weekly and hike 4 times a week maintaining by heart rate between 110-130 for 40-80 minutes depending on how I feel.

Certainly devoting 15 minutes a day is better than nothing at all. I don't know how far you can realistically progress in measurable strength or endurance with a program designed for 15 minutes a day.


on May 03, 2012
at 12:39 PM

Personally, I like P90X more than any other weight loss product because it's convenient. I can use it at my leisure and it's probably one of the only programs that I've actually seen work. I know people who are currently on the system and have lost tons of weight. Their bodies are more defined as well.

For those of you who may be interested in getting in shape, you can get P90X for $65 at http://www.squidoo.com/where-can-i-buy-p90x also read the comments in the guestbook section to see that this place is legit.


on May 02, 2012
at 11:07 PM

Check out Body by Science website and book available-for-sale.



on May 02, 2012
at 10:50 PM

Oh I'm so going to make a 14-minute fitness program. Not my idea, though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRdWntqCLwg



on May 02, 2012
at 09:01 PM

It doesn't sound too much different than what the primal workout approach would be. I doubt that the 15 minute fitness people expect adherents to be dormant the remainder of the week, but probably would not expect much more than walking/physical play, like Mark Sisson advocates. Outside of those things, the primal approach wouldn't really take much more than 15 minutes a day, and--quite often--less than that.

I don't think you'll find many in the paleo community who would argue that it's impossible to get/stay in shape on 15 minutes/day as the norm. I also wouldn't think that one needs to workout for 15 minutes every day either.

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