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ways to sleep exercise into your daily life when you going to Hershey store anywhere try part farther away from the building that will force you to do a little bit more walking to the building and yellow if you can maybe write up by once a week to school or to work to get an extra exercise and take the stairs instead of the elevator and after on like the 20th floor maybe just a cap stairs and the rest to the elevated when you're watching your favorite TV show for the hour do exercise in between each commercial break you can also do things like five smaller pulley it's that you have Safer colon at home plate sizes now like 10 to 14 inches and they're pretty big so when you put it like a regular portion size on their it looks lost and training in there for you feel that he should load up dollars to the food doesn't feel leaving over yeah I'll try to get her there and is like you okay on your fruit really enjoy it if you have any conversation are watching TV you're much more likely to be absent minded about the fact that you???re actually eating and then you're more likely to start shoveling it in it's perfectly fine to have a blowout have that big cheesy hamburger or that big slab a cheesecake you work hard and you don't want to feel like you're torturing yourself I G is any day that end in Y you great advice cameraman instead beating yourself up looking is up in the air like I know we all do I've done it plenty of times and say oh I don't like this about myself I'm overweight I eat too much I don???t exercise enough replaced tenable language with positive reinforcing statements like I will leaders watt I will exercise more I accept myself forth way I love I love myself if positive reinforcing statements are pointing work wonders mentally and emotionally so that you are in a place where your able to start this road to a healthy lifestyle are a man loves I really hope that these tips to help you out I classic giveaway winner over here for this week's giveaway I'm you guys to post the same comment letting me know your health golf over and let us know your health yes think that helped you out.


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