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Asked on June 06, 2015
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Tall order. After going off-road during my pregnancy and gaining about 60 pounds (mostly as a result of working 12-16 hour chef shifts and pizza bingeing after for the first 5 months, then trying to make up for it by eating my weight in liver, lamb, fish, eggs, and butter for the final 4) I've been trying to get the weight off for the past six months in a chill way. Continuing to eat lots of high nutrition foods, not trying to put any of my focus on dieting. But my success has been, well, not really much to speak of. Despite exclusively breastfeeding my baby, and eating good foods, my weight hasn't budged since the birth. And although I don't have a scale to check, suspect it might've gone up a little to boot. Now, since my husband changed his eating when I did and eats almost the same as I do and has lost 20 kilo, I have surmised the following: I eat too much good foods for what my body is using for nursing and existing. So I decided to cut completely back on the starch in my diet, and way cut back on the added butter. Try that for a bit, cut portions if it still wasn't budging.


7 days later, and I find out I'm pregnant again. At least there's no fertility issues to speak of! So, what now? I have read so many mixed opinions of low carb and weight loss in general while pregnant, add that to a nursing baby? I should add that aside from what I assume is 80 excess pounds I'm carrying around, I consider myself to be pretty healthy. I can easily (and do at least 4x a week) walk 5+ miles (with groceries and baby on sling) without feeling fatigue. I chop a mean woodpile, and I'm pretty active throughout the day in various housewifery ways. My feeling is that since I have all these lovely fat stores, I should be able to reduce my caloric intake as long as I'm keeping the nutrition density very high and on point. But then I read so many opinion Internet things and doctor Internet things advising pregnant women not to trying to lose weight, obese or not, and especially don't go low carb.


what do Internet?! Advice please!  

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