Low HDL, but all else is great on Paleo/Primal

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 15, 2013 at 8:14 PM

Hi guys,

I have been paleo/primal for about 8 months. It, along with exercise and resistance training has helped me lose 75lbs. I was/am diabetic and dropped all my meds and average about a 4.7 A1C. I am almost 40.

I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been, so I decided to get a lipid panel done to take a peek at my blood.

Results: Total: 130 HDL: 27 Tri: 65 LDL:90 Ratio: 4.8

I feel like everything is cool, but my low HDL seems worrisome. I feel with such a low overall and good numbers everywhere else, I shouldn't worry. I read it may be a deviation from weight loss. I take fish oil daily and walk 30-60 mins a day.

Long story short, I am not sure what to think. Anyone else have something sililar happen?



on March 15, 2013
at 08:54 PM

Have you tried eating coconut oil to raise your HDL?

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on March 15, 2013
at 11:21 PM

Curious what your TC was pre-paleo? Because your HDL is not unreasonable given your TC, but I'd personally be worried that my TC was too low.

Some info here:


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on March 15, 2013
at 11:33 PM

Sounds like you're genetically predisposed toward low serum lipids. I don't think that's something you necessarily need to monkey with. Just make sure you're taking magnesium, because it has been known to raise HDL if you were low prior.

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