any other #coxswains out there?? #weightloss #springseason

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 22, 2013 at 10:24 PM

I am a coxswain (female 5'6" 133lb) on a collegiate rowing team and need to keep weight (125lb) to stay competitive for making a boat this coming spring. I follow paleo strictly 90% of the time with an occasional cheat meal here and there. Any tips out there for cutting these last pounds that doesn't involve cutting calories to super low levels??



on January 22, 2013
at 10:26 PM

also I stick to low carbs (no fruit) and limit intake of sweet potatoes to 1 to 2 times per week

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on February 06, 2013
at 03:30 PM

As a former rower, I can understand where you're coming from. When I rowed, I tried to stay as lean as I could (without sacrificing my 2k) in order to pull my weight in the boat. I wasn't a cox though, unless I got thrown in last minute for some reason (injury etc).

As a former rowing coach, I can tell you that 8 pounds will not make a significant difference to your boat. Unless you're coxing for some super super competitive school. I'd rather have a cox who is skillful but a little heavier than a light cox who can't steer/motivate worth a damn.

But that's just my opinion. To answer your question. I would add some IF (intermittent fasting) and stick to non-starchy veggies/fat/meat and go lower on the carbs (unless you're working out A LOT). I would also try to squeeze in short workouts whenever possible. For instance, I used to make my coxswains do 2ks and workouts when the rest of the team was erging/running. If your boat is going for a run go with them, unless your coach has other plans for you.

Hope that helps. Good luck in the upcoming spring season. Don't sweat the weight too much just stick with a plan and it'll come off.



on February 06, 2013
at 05:50 PM

WolframAlpha says you are already 2lbs below your ideal weight, so any more loss will be tough. I do not think major calorie restriction will work because you are too active for it.

There is some suggestion that fasted, early morning, low impact cardio- like walking (you don't want to push the heart rate too much on this) helps take some of the fat off without creating a lot of extra hunger. I know in most cases, exercise makes me hungry, but I've tried some 20min walks in the morning, and I haven't noticed an increase in hunger- definitely nothing compared to my workouts.



on January 22, 2013
at 11:59 PM

You won't lose weight without some form of calorie deficit. You don't need to starve yourself to accomplish this - a 500 calorie/day deficit will have you losing around 1lb/week, which should put you at your goal weight before the season is too far on.

It sounds a bit tough, but making a couple of conscious choices throughout the day (ditching snacks, etc) get you there pretty quickly. Adding a couple sessions of cardio will boost up your deficit. Sprint s are good if you're short on time. I lost 15lb (male heavyweight rower here) this way without any major suffering. Good luck and happy coxxing!


on January 22, 2013
at 10:28 PM

Hey, not a coxswain but rowed lightweight crew for 4 years competitively and now I just row at a club.

I am always a fan of increasing G-flux for fat loss, which means eat more and burn more. I suggest walking for 60 minutes + per day and doing some high volume resistance training to go with it. Hope that helps.

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