The Best Diet to Lose Weight Doesn't Require Calorie Cutting

Asked on July 10, 2014
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Do you feel like you eat a reasonable diet, but still have trouble losing weight? Does it seem like if you cut a significant number of calories from your diet, you'd be left eating nothing but sawdust and rabbit food? If so, you're in the same boat as millions of other people. The media and dieting experts are telling you to eat less, eat healthier, but the reality is that even though you cheat every now and then, your diet's not that bad. So why are you still carrying around a few extra pounds? Liso Cleanse

The answer can probably be found in your metabolic processes. Did you know that when you try to cut calories in order to lose weight, your body actually fights you? When it realizes you're eating less, evolutionary instinct kicks in and your metabolism slows down so that you don't burn away all your energy stores (e.g., fat tissue) just before a possible famine. The body's autonomic functions assume that all calorie reductions are involuntary, and treats them as a threat.

How can you short circuit this instinct? The truth is that the best diet to lose weight doesn't involve much calorie cutting at all. It involves changing your metabolism by changing the way you eat. That means eating smaller meals more frequently, eating the heaviest food earlier in the day, but most importantly, following a dieting technique called calorie cycling that involves eating larger meals to ramp up your metabolism, then eating smaller meals to lose weight. With a calorie cycling approach, in the long run, you don't have to starve yourself at all. Visit it! to get more information >>>>>> http://lisocleanseabout.com/

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