Such a thing as too cold to weight train?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 14, 2013 at 5:07 PM

Not the excuse "Ohhh it's toooo coooold". That's a matter of comfort and comfort is ephemeral. I am, however, wondering if there are ACTUAL repercussions/bonuses to training in the cold.

I ask this because I'm about to go outback and do some deadlifts and the thermometer currently says 15 degrees fahrenheit. That, of course, sucks and is made even worse since the bar has been sitting out in the cold all night (boo hoo). But, again, that is just comfort. However, is the training effect reduced? Increased? Greater risk of injury? Increased energy usage to keep body temperature up? Etc?

Paleolithically speaking our ancestors didn't get much of a choice whether to be active in the cold or not, but that doesn't necessarily make it healthy or optimal. Doesn't discount it, either. I'm just wondering if anyone has any insight on the pro/cons of lifting in the cold (or other training regiments).



on January 14, 2013
at 05:14 PM

At the very least I notice that my grip is not nearly as a good due to the cold. This HAS, in the past, ended my session before I truly felt done for safety purposes.

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on January 14, 2013
at 05:13 PM

as long as your mobility is okay (yeah that's the word you have to use now for flexibility, every since the 'stretching is teh devilz' police showed up), i don't think it's a problem. if you can take the joints, tendons & tissues through the proper range of motion, all is well.


on January 14, 2013
at 05:22 PM

I would say to warm up & cool down inside where you're more comfortable. I workout in my attic, it gets pretty cold. I've thought about keeping my dumbells down, but it'll probably end up giving me a reason to not workout.

I haven't noticed any problems. Get some weight gloves if you need to.

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