Which is worse, being underweight, or overweight? UNDER?

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To start with, I don't see how I could be that far from the truth about this. For those who put on weight very easily from eating, you must have a well running absorption system in the gut, and/or an incorrect systemly function where too much gelly substance is formed throughout your body. For the opposite end, where people are very thin, despite the enormous quantities of food they consume trying to gain weight, it has to be a very damaged gut lining and the absorption and use of nutrients is just that bad. It's obvious that fat people go paleo and lose weight and stabilize very nicely, and very quickely! For skinny people going paleo, there are very slow building of muscle and shape, and it takes much longer. I see more serious health problems correlated with the skinny, than the fat.



on July 26, 2011
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haha see Melissa Hunt Gather Lover, you're just biased to the other way, but please keep this posted?!?



on July 26, 2011
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You are absolutely correct. Fix digestion issues and weight gain will come. I used to be a sickly underweight no-gainer. After 3 years of paleo I gained about 12 lb. with no heavy lifting and now just crossed into normal BMI range. Most of the weight gain happened last year so it takes time for body to recover. I experimented with lots of things and currently eat 50% raw 50% cooked. Simply consuming more food made me feel sicker so I would be very careful about "just eat more" advices. Your digestion does not need any more load at this point. Good luck.

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