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Asked on July 26, 2014
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Have very little anything wrong with the head when they???re testing a medication okay so basically other they're more medications that have been tested in older adults and it's getting better and a lot better but till still weak tip we practice based on expert consensus which means that people I am across the nation I am that do the research and that are practicing in geriatrics we ask them what has worked what works for you and we come up with expert consensus unfortunately the last one that was done in geriatric psychiatrist in 2001 for depression and this is how they recommend it again it???s not am really difficult but for GojiPro someone at mild depression we start out with preferred treatment is in a depressant and psychotherapy okay we would like for everybody to have and antidepressants and psychotherapy with mild depression this is diagnosable depression okay not just maybe steps in trouble am depression okay if that doesn't work then maybe moving to Avenel affecting the ball to was in on here that this is the SNR eyes say it going from a serotonin only to serotonin or napping Fern in an alternative treatment would be in depressing alone or psychotherapy alone and sometimes we have to go to that its do you know how hard it is to find a therapist that accepts Medicare in the state vie Georgia am and even in the city of Atlanta we have a couple in our hip pocket at what???s the words that we work within the community that are really not even on site that we work with it's also very hard to get this generation of older adults to agree to.


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