recovering vegan needs strange advice...hack my vegetarian fast weight loss plan!

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 02, 2013 at 9:21 AM

Hi! I've been away from paleohacks and also the paleo diet for over a year, as I have been working as a vegetarian chef at a yoga resort in India, and have been eating mostly vegan during this time. I can't help but notice that no matter how clean and paleo I try to keep my vegan diet, I end up eating grains, and even worse, cakes and sweets (with coconut sugar). Which means I am chubby. UG.

I am leaving to go home to Seattle in about 18 days and would like to lose as much of this bloat as possible (I'm about 20lbs over my ideal weight, that is 5'6" and 138 currently) (thankfully a lot of it is muscle, but still)....I've started eating eggs (I can't eat meat here) and plan to live mostly off poached egg whites and steamed vegetables for 2 weeks, will this help? How much do you think I might be able to lose, and what else can I do? I have a 2 hour morning ashtanga yoga practice, otherwise I am fairly *(too) sedentary.

Any advice is appreciated; this is only for the short term MAX weight loss attempt= when I go home I'll be able to eat better and more varied meats, etc. But for now, all I have is eggs...lots of "em. Thanks for any and all advice~

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on April 02, 2013
at 04:57 PM

Wasting egg yolks should be a food crime. Tickets for offenders.

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on April 02, 2013
at 10:25 AM

Sounds like you'll make youself malnourished with that sort of diet. You're cutting out all the goodness in teh egg. Why not have the whole egg, it seems boiled eggs are pretty satiating for many folks. I think the sort of diet you propose probably won't help you in the long run with respect to your mentality, and it eating that way would also probably increase the likelihood that you'll gain it back quickly later, yo yo style. Like Marten said, what are your goals? If weight loss trumps health the plan may backfire...

PS, as to what you can do... Work yourself into some form of physical activity, make it a part of life and you may not need to worry like this. (Weight loss doesn't necessarily require this though - eat nutritious food, depending on your metabolic state you could lose. Moving has beneficial effects on health though...)

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on April 02, 2013
at 04:57 PM

Wasting egg yolks should be a food crime. Tickets for offenders.



on April 02, 2013
at 09:40 AM

Every plan that makes you lose weight fast has it's negative sides. So please ask yourself why this is so important to you, and why you're putting weight loss above health. As you point out, you don't have access to meats and resort to eating lots of grains. I'd recommended to wait. If you don't want to, just cut the grains as much as possible. This will cause you to lose water weight, probably. I'm not an expert and can only speak out of my own experience, so please refer to other answers as well



on April 02, 2013
at 11:39 AM

Just focus on reducing sugar and carb intake and you should be fine. No one can give you any exact estimates when it comes to weight loss. It is all so individual.


on April 02, 2013
at 04:52 PM

A crash diet won't have any benefits for you, you might lose a few pounds but you'll just gain it back when you go back to India, if you really can't control your diet there.

The best thing would be for you to improve your diet while in India. You might be drawn to snacks and cakes because you aren't full, satisfied, or nourished by your meals. If you are living in an all-vegetarian environment then maybe you have limited options. But since we are on a Paleo blog my advice would be to eat more Paleo foods.

If meat of any kind is totally out of the question (check around because many cultures in India eat meat), then eat more eggs and try to find some other protein source. Tofu is not a great source of protein -- it is pretty good on protein as far as vegetarian foods to but doesn't have much more than milk for example, so you have to eat a lot of it to get enough protein, which contributes to weight gain.

If you are desperate you might consider protein shakes, you could bring some powder with you from the states.

The reason I focus on protein is that this is a cornerstone of the Paleo diet and probably something you are lacking, and eating more protein will satisfy you more, making it easier to skip the sweets, and lose weight.

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