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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 13, 2013 at 11:58 AM

I have been observing my weight loss and I can say when will it stop? I started paleo about 2 months ago, I love the diet! I was 215 I believe 7 months ago I didn't weigh myself unfortunately. Now Im 161 with a 3 pound loss in 15 days? is this normal? I do 6 hours of light exercise stooping, bending, picking up light to medium things as a janitor. Then I try to stick in light weight training, and 20 minutes of cardio on my bicycle 2-4 times a week at a healthy 142 bpm for my age which is 44. before paleo I was strict no fat diet and 30 minutes of cardio and calorie restriction complete opposite but was not happy with that diet obviously. that was the bulk of my weight loss before paleo. But it seems now this weight loss is getting out of control any ideas. Im 5"9' and 161 today. still have a little "tummy fat" and some light fat around legs but that is fading fast. Any help guys would be nice. Just wondering what is too fast.

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on February 14, 2013
at 06:48 AM

Your initial weight loss is fast and then it will trim down. However, if you are overcoming really bad eating and exercise habits. Rejoice at your initial success and let more come. Nevertheless, it slows to about 1.5 pounds a week, or thereabouts.

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