picking up clean weight with paleo

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 16, 2012 at 3:24 PM

i would just like to ask, i am 187cm tall and weight 86kg i would like to pick up a kg or two of clean weight or at very least stay at my current weight, i train daily mostly crossfit style training along with "heavy" weight lifting i have read most reports say limited potatoe and sweet potatoe. any suggestions on what i can eat (on a budget) in order to help gain a little muscle mass

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on October 16, 2012
at 05:37 PM

Make sure you are eating enough calories to actually gain weight. I sometimes find it tough to just maintain my weight while following paleo. Try adding a post workout protein shake using egg white protein. It will help with recovery and give you the quick protein you need to build muscle. Egg white protein is reasonably priced but doesn't dissolve well in water. If you can't afford to juice your own fruits and vegetables then you can just mix it with some orange juice. It can take an hour or so for the protein to fully dissolve into the OJ or smoothie.



on October 16, 2012
at 07:30 PM

I personally dropped 15lbs with low carb primal and some lifting....Then upped my calories and gained 10lbs back of clean muscle, or least seems so (over the course of 8 months) still low carb, but more fat and food in general. Just adding a third meal can do it if I wanna start gaining mass. It's actually quite easy to manipulate body composition once you get to know yourself.....well for metabolically healthy folks it is.

Ah...I see you said on a budget. In that case LC may not be the easiest path. Potatoes are definitely more budget friendly than Rib-eye. And I know its not "paleo", but a good whey protein wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.


on October 16, 2012
at 05:28 PM

It would seem we have roughly the same build. I'm 190cm, (6ft 3in) & 93kg. I would say if you want to pick up some lean muscle mass, then you are going to have to increase your heavy lifting and increase your recovery time (so do less other crossfit). I don't think it has much to do with potatoes (sweet or not) except you might like to eat them after a heavy workout.


on October 16, 2012
at 04:18 PM

Consume more high quality protein and good/healthy fats (coconut oil, raw butter, etc)

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