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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 24, 2013 at 8:26 PM

I have done most low carbs. However after research paleo seems more for me. I have given up alcohol, I train daily. I have 20 lb I want to lose then keep the paleo life style. My problem is I have strong sugar cravings, and I tend to not have much imagination with food. So get bored easily. Would love help support and ideas. Look forward to talking to you all. Caroline x



on February 25, 2013
at 09:29 PM




on February 25, 2013
at 06:05 PM

I believe that it's more important to eat whole, natural foods than to eat low-carb. Personally I eat a good amount of fruit - mostly berries, figs and coconut. I also indulge in raw chocolate every couple of days (containing various ingredients including cacao, coconut sugar, coconut butter, nuts and dates.) I typically average between 130-200g carbs per day. I am quite slim and healthy and I feel great.

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on February 24, 2013
at 11:22 PM

I feel you on the sugar cravings. What worked for me is to completely eliminate all sugars and replace with fat and animal protein to satiate you for 30 days. If you still have cravings afterwards (like I did) buy 100% dark chocolate and eat a square whenever you feel the craving gets too bad. It worked for me.


on February 24, 2013
at 10:44 PM

Remove everything that contains sugar from your house and anything that you crave that has sugar - problem solved. After a few weeks without sugar you won't crave it and you'll get tons of health benefits. Do not use sweeteners! It only makes the problem worse and makes you crave sugar more.


on February 25, 2013
at 10:03 PM

Cold-turkey works for some--what worked for me was gradual elimination over three days, using fruit smoothies sweetened with honey in the morning and the evening. Once I'd made it through three days successfully saying "No thanks" to all the sweets CONTINUALLY on offer at work (donut holes, homemade cookies, you name it), always knowing I had a naturally-sweetened smoothie waiting for me at home, I felt really encouraged and ready to start cutting down on the honey. I still occasionally enjoy a smoothie now with a very small amount of honey in it. Some days I have nothing sweet at all, including fruit. I would never entirely remove fruits from my diet---too many nutrients, and fresh berries just make me feel happy!


on February 25, 2013
at 09:09 PM

If it helps I just want to say in my experience sugar is a relative taste and the less you eat the less you crave it. Also you will enjoy the natural sugars in vegetables after a while. Is it any wonder that no one likes the taste of veggies when we drink coca cola everyday? You can't even taste the sugar in a carrot after you drink something like that.


on February 25, 2013
at 05:10 PM

The most effective thing to do is eliminate the sugar. You need to flush your system of the sugar with paleo foods and lots of water and you will stop craving it. Sugar is like a drug, the more you eat, the more you crave.

If you really want to stop craving it, stop feeding the drug to your body. I know that's hard to do, but that's the only sure-fire way to stop the cravings.


on February 25, 2013
at 04:20 AM

None of the mind over matter/self discipline approaches ever worked for me. I ate tons of chocolate covered nuts and GF cookies every afternoon. Since starting the PerfectHealth Diet, where I have to eat some white rice or safe starches everyday, my cravings are gone. I was very skeptical since I haven't eaten white rice in almost 10 years but it totally works for me.


on February 25, 2013
at 01:09 AM

Lady Z, when I crave sugar or carbohydrates I pause for a moment before going to the pantry. I mentally review everything I've consumed that day and almost always find that I've shorted myself on protein or fat. Once you look back over your day and realize what your body is actually missing, the cravings become much less powerful.

If you find you're missing protein, snack on some leftover meat or jerky or a hard-boiled egg. If you're missing fat, enjoy a spoonful of coconut manna or nut butter or a handful of macadamia nuts. If you're missing both protein and fat, eat bacon ;-)

Sometimes you'll find that you have a legitimate sweet craving, like if you missed out on your morning fruit or something. In these cases have a piece of fruit or a square or two of dark chocolate. A glass of wine is also a great way to approximate a small serving of fruit carb-wise, but I see in your post you've given it up.

The other posters are all correct. If you give up sweet stuff, you won't crave it. Just give it time.


on February 24, 2013
at 10:40 PM

Sugar cravings thoughts. You can't quite sugar unless you really want to. If you really believe it's bad and you want it out of your life, and you know it's possible but you don't know how, then you have a good shot. You should think of it like smoking. Quitting sugar but using splenda and nutrasweet is like switching from non-filters to filters: maybe better but it won't kill the cravings. Instead, remove sweet stuff, suffer for three weeks, wonder how life will ever be worth living without sugar, etc, and then make it through to the other side. Here on the other side culinary life is just as good, but a cookie looks like something to be avoided, especially given that a sweet potato tastes completely sweet and is good for you too!

Paleohacks people: have I overstated it?


on February 24, 2013
at 09:47 PM

Hi Lady Z,

Here are a couple of websites that you might find useful:

“Eat Like A Predator, Not Like Prey”: The Paleo Diet In Six Easy Steps


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