New, help with carb:fat:protein ratios? Endurance athlete.

Asked on March 28, 2014
Created March 28, 2014 at 3:19 PM

Sorry, long post. But I need advice...

I am not necessarily new to the paleo lifestyle genre; however I am now trying to really hone in and focus on specifics. Before, I wasn't counting calories or tracking ratios. I am not thinking in a self-deprecating way of "need to lose weight, need to track and count and micromanage every aspect of food" but am trying to really understand my body better and use that for my training.

I am a female, 21 year old, about 5'9", collegiate cross country runner. Haven't weighed myself lately but probably around 147 (Gained since last year - both fat and muscle).

Ideally I would like to stop gaining fat weight, obviously, but with the mindset of becoming more athletic rather than skinny. Last year I was very underweight, so my goal was to gain. Now I need to tone more.

My main question is: any advice on carb:fat:protein ratios? Playing around with ratios online, currently I have set up ~2,300 calories

125g carbs, 125g protein, 145g fat, which is like a 3.2 : 3.2 : 3.6 ratio - kinda weird. Not sure where to go from here? I know fat and protein is more considered on paleo, maybe I just need to get over my preconceived notions of less protein, but I have always thought too much was unnecessary and potentially toxic, and I don't really like the idea of eating mass quantities of meat.

Personally I do not want to be low carb, and I don't want to eat massive amounts of meat. Mostly sardines (almost daily), canned salmon, eggs (daily), and about 1lb. of local ground beef a week. Sometimes I do cook sprouted lentils for extra food besides just meat (I came from a vegetarian background and only buy meat when it's local / I trust and respect the source). I also really, really like raw dairy, and have local raw milk sometimes, and (not as good) store-bought greek yogurt sometimes. Usually 1/2 - 1 whole avocado a day. I eat a plenty assortment of local vegetables from farms and stick mostly to banana and apples for fruit during the day. Cook food in coconut oil.

Right now since it's track season I'm averaging about 40 miles per week, but I've gone up to 50's in the past and my goal is to get even higher to about 50-60 consistently. (Yeah, right, paleo folks say chronic cardio is not a good idea. But I'm a collegiate athlete. I've accepted sacrificing my body's total health for the sake of competition. This is my passion.)

Last fall was the best season of XC in my life; however afterwards I could tell my body has been a little burnt out. This track season I am much much slower, and need to build myself back up. Therefore, I do want to lose a little, tiny bit of weight (fat) and really step and tone up.

I'm not even exactly sure how many calories I should be consuming anymore. When I was underweight, ideally it was like 3000calories per day. Now I don't want to gain more except muscle. And I don't want to starve myself as a runner averaging (+/-)6 miles per day.

Soo..... Advice? I do appreciate it for anyone who sits through and reads all of this. Thanks very much. I am ready for the next level of health and to harness my body's potential.

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