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Asked on May 13, 2013
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I'm on day 14 of my whole 30. I've cheated here and there (alcohol/increasing fruit intake) but have tried to stay pretty strict. My reasons for trying paleo were to improve my energy level, decrease gastrointestinal upsets and bloating, and improve my overall mood and sleep. The past two weeks have been tough (major sugar withdrawal!) but Im still hopeful that things will level out by the end of the month. Anyway, one issue Ive run into is weight loss- I know this is a goal for some people but it is not for me. I have been underweight my whole life, so losing more weight is not really an option. I am 5'5 and weigh 111 as of last Friday. My usual is around 116, but I would like to be about 120 if I could put on some actual muscle (someday I hope to have energy to go to the gym more than twice per week!). Anyway, here is what my meal plan for today looks like (this is a typical day)

Breakfast:Black coffee, 1/2 avocado, a helping of Southwestern Fritatta http://everydaypaleo.com/southwestern-frittata/ Snack: Handful of mixed roasted nuts (walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts) with unsweetened flaked coconut Lunch: 1 chicken breast sauteed in coconut oil, 1/2 avocado, and baked brussle sprouts Snack: Homemade beef jerky Pre-gym snack: Banana Dinner: roasted carrots, 2-3 chicken thighs http://fastpaleo.com/lemony-garlic-rosemary-chicken-thighs/ Pre-bed: 1 cup herbal tea

Before I started paleo I would typically eat greek yogurt and museli for breakfast with some berries or other fruit and a cup of coffee with fat free half and half/sugar, pretzles or crackers as a snack, some kind of chicken/whole wheat pasta meal for lunch, and chicken breast with brown rice and veggies for dinner. I would have something sweet (candy,cakes,chocolate anything) after lunch, dinner and sometimes around 2:00 when my energy would dip.

Anyway, while I have lost weight over the past two weeks (which I did not want) I have also started feeling more jiggly (which I definately did not want)! This makes no sense to me. The only thing I can think is that I havent had much energy to go to the gym.

I dont eat pork, veal,lamb or seafood. I eat a lot of chicken breasts which I know don't have much fat, which is why I've started eating an avocado a day......but Im not sure its enough? Any suggestions?

Ive found this website to be the most helpful one around, so thank you all for your contributions!

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