Is no weight loss in the first 10 days normal?

Answered on August 03, 2018
Created November 27, 2012 at 7:59 PM

Hello, I completed 10 days paleo but didn't lose any weight, I fluctuated 2.5 lbs up and down. Wondering if this is normal for most people? Sometimes you hear stories people have lost 5-10 lbs in one week and wondering if I'm abnormal or if I should wait until one month paleo before I see results in weight loss? To drink, I have coffee, green tea and water. Should I also start exercising right away and how much?


on April 11, 2018
at 12:04 PM

Weight loss also depends on how your body acts or supports on whatever you doing. 



on November 27, 2012
at 09:12 PM

List some examples of the types of foods you're eating, like a few daily meal plans. Then we can help diagnose why you're not losing. It could simply be because you weren't retaining much water to begin with (a big part of initial weight loss I've found.).

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on November 27, 2012
at 08:03 PM

This one has been asked several times already.

The short version of my own response to this:

  • Paleo is not in itself a weight loss diet.
  • Everyone has different results when going paleo, especially in the first year or so.
  • Why would you wait to exercise?
  • Ten days is not very much time, even if you're eating nothing at all.
  • If we don't know what you're eating, we can't really be much help in helping you fine-tune what should, optimally, be a long-term and sustainable way of eating that gets you the results you're after.


on November 28, 2012
at 12:28 AM

Not sure what you mean by "normal" (i.e. average, typical, does it happen at all, etc) but yes, this happens to a lot of people. Some people go Paleo to lose weight, others to gain, others to address some kind of specific ailment or problem without any aim on weight, etc.

I infer that you're trying to lose weight with the Paleo diet, in which case you should post what you eat in a normal day, and how much exercise you're getting, and basic static (height, weight, gender), and you'll get plenty of feedback.

Some are surprised by what isn't considered Paleo (i.e. lots of fruit or nuts), and others inadvertently eat a lot more calories than they think (perhaps more than on their previous non-Paleo diet) because Paleo foods tend to be dense in both nutrients and calories. Give some more information and you'll get some good answers.



on November 27, 2012
at 09:38 PM

It also depends on how clean your diet may have already been. For myself, I had already been sugar-free, grain-free and dairy-free for months so when I switched from fruitarian to paleo, I actually have gained some weight in the 3 weeks - I'm wanting to recomp my body so I'm sticking with it because in the long term my health, lean muscle mass and all that will be, I believe, more ideal.

People who lose a ton of weight right away might be coming from the SAD - in which case the changes to Paleo are major and they lose because of cutting out all the processed crap, refined flours/sugars etc.


on August 03, 2018
at 09:26 AM


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on July 31, 2018
at 05:53 AM

Cycling and wimming will aslo help you including proper diet plan. avoid oily food and and normal jogging and 20-30min exercise at home. Good luck.


on July 27, 2018
at 06:47 AM

Hi if you've tried all the diet palns, workout and still dont see any changes into you then consul to the doctor to advice you some weight loss medicines. I have found Generic Xenical with best result  for my self as doctor suggested me to go for this with proper precaustions.


on July 26, 2018
at 06:59 AM


share your diet plan what you used to intake and workout schedule so we can get an idea about you and it would help us to come out with some conclusion for you.



on November 27, 2012
at 08:32 PM

Did you give up all gluten-containing products? How about dairy? How about nuts and seeds? All of those foods have been known to prevent/stall weight loss in some people. We need more information to troublehshoot your issues. In fact, enter your dietary data into a nutrition app for 2 weeks and see if you're really eating paleo, i.e., a max of 30% of energy from carbs, 15???20% protein, and 50???70% fat. See if you're getting too many fats from non-animal sources (your omega-6 will be high as well as your Omega-6:omega-3 ratio will be more than 2.5:1). If your dietary analysis look good, get some lab work done:

If the lab values look abnormal compared to the reference range, consult an enlightened doctor who recognizes the value of these tests and knows how to interpret them and make diagnoses and prognoses based on them. An ND might be a better fit than an MD.


on March 02, 2018
at 02:09 PM

I just did a week of Paleo, didn't lose any weight. It probably depends on what your former diet was. I was already eating very healthy, basically the only stuff I've cut out is some ezekiel bread, quinoa and brown rice, greek yogurt, beans and cheese. I was also already very active, 4 times a week in the gym plus run about 25-30 miles a week. I'm also not attempting a "low carb" version of paleo, I'm still eating bananas, sweet potatoes, etc, I need it for my runs. Now, flip back 15 years ago when I did an Atkins diet into sub 20 carbs a day? I Think I lost about 10-12 pounds in the first week, mostly water weight and excess bloat from coming from a standard american diet. Then probably continued to cut another 20 over the next few months. However, I never had the energy on that diet, and was in lots of brian fog. Paleo, I've noticed more sustained energy in a matter of days, and I'm less hungry, no need to eat late night snacks, and don't feel the need for a beer here and there either. Stomach definitely looks tighter also. Fewer intermittent gas or digestion problems.


on April 28, 2014
at 09:51 AM

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on October 02, 2013
at 06:30 AM

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on September 08, 2013
at 08:31 AM

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on November 28, 2012
at 04:53 AM

Paleo, honestly, is a complete lifestyle change. I don't think you'll be successful if you're in it just to lose weight. Not to mention that you'll bloat back up once you add grains back into your diet.

I really like living Paleo. I sleep better, I have more energy, I don't have that nasty bloated miserable feeling after I eat every meal and don't have to deal with blood sugar spikes and dips throughout the day.



on November 27, 2012
at 08:03 PM

Everyone is different. Depends on how much you have to loose, how much you are eating etc. Whether you should exercise is more a function of whether you are fit enough. If so, then sure. If not, then you need to build up to it.

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