How do you track your macronutrients?

Answered on November 25, 2014
Created November 18, 2014 at 8:43 PM


I am aware of people using myfitnesspal, apps, and websites to track their rough intake as a whole.

My problem is how do you know what grams of protein,fat and carbs  look like on a plate?

So lets say I need 95 total grams of protein, 135g fat and 25 grams carbs for the entire day and I want to eat 3 meals then 95/3=31grams, 135/3=45grams and 25/3= 8 grams so what does 31grams, 45grams, and 8 grams look like on a plate?.  what methods or tools  should I use to eye out my protein,fat and carbs  for each meal? 

Is a kitchen scale good tool to esimate your portions?  I know most packages have nutrional value on the back, but meats, vegetables and whatever doesn't show your nutritional values so what would I use to measure out the right amount onto a plate? I am aware of cups, tbsp, tsp etc, but then you would have to convert each cup into grams and things weigh differently 

Any insight on how people go about measuring out the right portions onto a plate would be helpful?

I also don't want to do math to convert each portion onto a plate because I eat different meals everyday. I know it sounds dumb, but to take out a pen and papper to figure out the right portions for each meal sounds annoying. 

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on November 25, 2014
at 05:19 PM


Im not sure your whole situation but with my background and living a life of eating healthy, I think you are putting to much thought into it. With that being said, a scale is fabulous and i use mine all the time. Now when it comes to converting and all that other to-do stuff I took and easy route, not much into it. 

For example: 

Breads- size of hand 

Meats- palm of hand 

Veggies- fist 

Fats- Finger tip 

I dont do complicated and dont have time for it. I understand sometimes it has to be exact down to the actual to for some but if you stick with while cutting out bad stuff you will see results. 


Hope this helps! 



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