How Can I Build Muscle Fast?

Asked on August 11, 2014
Created August 11, 2014 at 10:54 AM

It's every guy's dream; spend a few months in the gym and pack on pounds of muscle. Just what is the best way to build muscle fast? First of all, even if you do everything correctly, your genetics will play a role on how much muscle you can ultimately build. They are your body's blueprint for what is possible. Some people will just naturally be able to put on more muscle and do it faster than others. That means your goal should be to maximize your natural potential for muscle growth, it's all you can do.

How can you maximize your potential and grow the most muscle you're capable of, and do it in the shortest amount of time? You will need to resort to a training strategy that's been around since the 1970's; high intensity training. A medium - low rep / high weight, high volume, high intensity training program, coupled with exceptional nutrition, and 8 hours of sleep each night will have even the hardest gainers packing on pounds of muscle.

Training to Build Muscles Fast

The problem is that many people simply don't use intense enough workouts. You have to go to the point of complete muscular failure if you want to see the kind of gains you are after. You muscles have to be literally shocked into doing what you want, which is grow like Iowa corn.


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