Going on Paleo Diet, What to eat and how much, also don't want to lose weight

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 28, 2013 at 2:16 PM

I am going to go on the Paleo Diet as i've been suffering from Brain Fog for the past 18 months, and thought this might be the diet that will make it go away. I've been experimenting diet changes for a while now, went from eating whole grains then discovering these should be avoided so have been gluten free for a few weeks now. Stopped taking sugar also. But last night found that potatoes are bad for your neurotransmitters and being high in carbs, and i've been eating over 600g of potato wedges every night since going GF... I eat them with hummus dip to keep the calories up. I've also been eating 100g of almonds a day for the same reason. Have been doing a bit of research and found this diet, and it tells me to eat organic grass fed red meat, white meat, wild alaskan fish, eggs, low-starch vegetables and a small amount of nuts, seeds and low-sugar fruits. I don't know where to start, i need some sort of eating plan. I'm 5'10 and around 150lbs so what/how much should i eat to maintain my weight?

I've also been wanting to put a bit of weight on, but for now my main concern is maintaining my current weight, and getting better.

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3 Answers


on May 28, 2013
at 05:09 PM

I'd focus on eating whole foods that make you feel good and not worry too much about putative effects on neurotransmitters and things like that -- a lot of that stuff is either 1) a concern for a small subset of people but not a big deal for everyone else, or 2) micromanaging that people can do once they have their general diet in order. Getting enough calories, in a form that doesn't make you feel sick, has got to come first.

Similarly, I'd go ahead and keep eating nuts unless you're prone to binging on them. Some people limit them because of the high omega-6 content, but they're still a reasonably nutritious whole food and miles better than refined carbs. Go with whole nuts instead of nut butter (and definitely not nut oil). You could also try swapping in some olives, avocado, coconut, or fatty fish.

I would say that 600g of potatoes every day is rather a lot. You're probably better off eating a variety of healthy foods rather than leaning so hard on one thing. Try replacing some of the potatoes with sweet potatoes, yams, or other root vegetables. Also, there's nothing wrong with eating fruit, even high-carb fruits like bananas and oranges. You may have heard about the evils of fructose, but that stuff is somewhat exaggerated. Even Robert Lustig, the celebrity anti-fructose endocrinologist, says that added and refined sugars (and fruit juice) are the big problem, not whole fruits.



on May 28, 2013
at 07:22 PM

Since you're starting, work to get 'clean' first.

My suggestion is truly get yourself HEALED first (not the famous '80%' goal). That means 100% on. I don't mean all organic blahblah. I mean meats, fish, healthy fat, vegetable and maybe some fruit or nuts. Almost in that order, since you're not wanting to lose weight.

Personally, I put on a layer of fat that I still haven't shifted in 2 years. a) I am Celiac. When my gut healed, I started absorbing all the nutrients that I hadn't been in years, so I lost my 'easy skinny.' b) I eat too much (the healthy fats, nuts and I can put away 4 servings of salmon -- for a little woman, that's scary).

I share this experience because if you're feeling really foggy, you may really messed up in the gut and not know it. When your gut heals, you may be able to put on mass easier!

Normally, we aim for veg covering the bulk of our plate every meal. I get 8 servings of veg a day, easily. Unfortunately, I get extra servings of those other things and I'm not training (it's hard to lose that habit of eating a lot after a lifetime of always being able to shovel away food).

Focus on the foods first, adding things you need for optimum nutrients. If you need something to fill you out later, you can do that. Enjoy the process! Feeling better is SO worth it!



on May 28, 2013
at 05:26 PM

Try sweet potato fries. They are an awesome french fry replacement. Make lots of easy grab snacks-deviled eggs(with homemade baconnaise), nut granola mixes, paleo muffins, etc. If you don't have healthy paleo foods ready to eat it is so easy to fall back into old patterns. I agree with Axial, eat some fruits! Whenever you make a meal, make enough to freeze. If you keep that up you will soon have enough paleo meals so you don't have to get in a bad situation. I love all of the paleo food blogs. There are so many great recipes to try. And healthy fats are essential to lifting the brain fog. Once I removed the bad stuff and added coconut oil, meat fats, butter and palm oil my brain started working again.

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