Gaining weight on Paleo and other issues

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 08, 2013 at 1:42 PM

Hi folks,

I switched to the Paleo diet about 4 weeks ago. Initially I started changing my dietary habits because of skin problems which then got better. But since I??ve always been a little underweight it first was and still is a bit challenging to gain weight on such a diet. After experimenting a bit I was sure to have found the right macronutrients ratio and so on and even gained weight. The only downer left though is that I experience symptoms as diarrhoea, "pumped up stomach", constipation etc. I have to say that I am deeply upset about this fact as the Paleo diet is precisely recommended for healing the gut not for irritating it!!!

PS: Im 19 years old and my meal plan is as follows:

Every morning: 3-egg omelette with fruit (mostly blueberries), I substitute the real milk with coconut milk and plenty of ghee (ideal for gaining weight, I figured)

Lunch: 200-300g of meat (beef, poultry etc.) with a lot of starchy vegetables (parsnips and carrots most of the time) and tomatoes.

Dinner: Either another omelette or rather a fish dish with again starchy plants.

In between I sometimes eat some coconut milk mixed with fruit or pure fruits (Apples and Pears.)

Basically this is the minimum I must do to at least maintain my weight so what can I do then?

Im very confused right now and urgently need your advice! Just ask for more information!


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on March 08, 2013
at 02:08 PM

Those symptoms may indicate that you have a mild to moderate food allergy. I'd try either a strict elimination diet, or slowly eliminating one thing at a time from your daily routine to see if those symptoms go away. If you're allergic to eggs or coconut, for example, I'd expect what you're seeing now.


on March 08, 2013
at 06:59 PM

Can I infer from that that my macronutrient ratio and general food selection and food amounts are appropriate for gaining weight and leading a pale-conform life?


on March 08, 2013
at 02:28 PM

SlimIcy is right, also I would suggest you experiment with: less fruits for a while and more fermented foods(or a probiotic supplement), AND DEFINITELY! BONE broth! You can try googling autoimmune paleo it tells you what not to eat if you want to find out if you're allergic to certain foods.

Since our bodies have more good-bacteria than cells, try to also care for that bacteria since a big chunk of it is found in the gut!

Be patient, and listen to your body, you need more time to get to know it! So keep testing and experimenting! With the paleo diet we all end up knowing our body so well, that you almost become your own doctor. Goodluck!!

P.s: if you suddenly upped your saturated fat intake, that might be causing the diarrhea cuz your body might not have accusted to it yet, so maybe try slowly upping your fat intake instead of using too much too soon. Hope It helps!!

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