Finding Balance- Advice please!

Answered on March 23, 2014
Created February 05, 2014 at 2:21 PM

Hey y'all! I'll try to be as brief as I can but I'll give a little background:

I'm 18, 5'7'' female in college. All my life I was bigger than other girls, and it didn't help that once I got old enough my dad got me into old-school Olympic lifting (and eating massive quantities of food) like as young as 13. I've had hormonal imbalances all my life. The highest weight I ever was was (I think) 157 but it could have been higher because I wasn't weighing myself. Don't get me wrong it was a lot of muscle but too much.

So when I came to college, I fully embraced paleo! I started college at 138 and my lowest as of a few weeks ago- without even trying- was 113. I know that this is too low. My family freaked and my boyfriend ESPECIALLY freaked out. They started telling me I had an eating disorder, which scared me because I was just eating the way that made me happy. Long story short, the past 3 weeks I've been eating like shit because I was so scared and I HATE it! Combine this with the fact that I stopped BC a month ago and now don't have my period, I'm up to 116-118 pounds from I'm pretty sure just eating grains and nasty junk. I don't like feeling this way. I've been keeping my workouts consistent--no more crazy heavy like when I was younger because it seriously messed me up--and I think that's the only thing keeping my body going.

I need to find balance, but I'm finding it hard now that people have put this ED idea into my head. It's like a self-fufilling prophecy! I'm a salt tooth so I've been going nutzo on nut butter, popcorn, pretzels, that sort of stuff. I would really love some advice on how to find balance and not give so much of a **** about food in all of this if y'all would be willing. Also, if any ladies have any advice on how to balance hormones/get a period back after birth control that would be great!

Thanks so much guys. I really appriciate the time taken to read this.

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on March 23, 2014
at 07:54 AM

I'm sorry to hear you are having troubles. I changed to paleo for digestive reasons due to pain meds messing with my digestion and bowels and if I Lose the 15#s I need to lose then great, my main concern is digestive. I too like the good paleo offers. I'm a nibbled, but like you trying to find a balance of eating small meals. This is an easy fix for you. You throw all the bad out if you can and just move forward, start over and reset your body. When you start to feel better you won't want to start eating the junk. Try new recipes, herbs and spices as I did and flavors will pop. I make sweets everyday with coconut butter, seeds and nuts, coconut, enjoy life chocolate chips, chocolate chip cookies, homemade Lara bars.

The longer you stay away from salt the less you will crave it. Use sea salt if you have too.

I love food and since I am only into my second month being paleo I'm totally focused on food. I have to or it will get boring! LOL

I'm not sure if you are familiar with these sites, but they offer motivation and super recipes.

Ancestralchef.com, paleoomg.com, civilizedcaveman.com.com,chowstalker.com

Your system is most likely in shock. I'm certain if you get back on track your monthly will regulate itself. It wouldn't hurt to see your gyn for a checkup to be sure everything is ok as I'm not a doctor.

I hope this was of some help to you.

Keep strong and don't beat yourself up over this. Enjoy every day!

Good luck!



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