Do green veggies (like cabbage) count with macros?

Answered on April 14, 2014
Created April 12, 2014 at 3:43 AM

I recently started to count macros. My goal is to gain muscle and lose fat so I can actually see the abs I've been working my BUTT off for these last 5 years.

I recently got a REAL gym membership in December so I've had access to heavier weights. Since then I have gained about 8lbs... up to 115lbs from 108. I am HOPING its muscle.

I am 16 yo female, about 115lbs, 5' 55". I have eaten clean for the past 5 years too, but have only been counting macros for about 2 weeks. I have tried very hard to hit them exactly, and only a few days have I been over.

Anyways, today was one of those days, just over on carbs and protein... it was because I had eaten all my macros by 430pm (I eat dinner VERY early) and was STARRRVING around 10pm (not to mention today was leg day!). So I made some steamed cabbage and asparagus, and after I logged it, my carbs and protein went over. Ugh.

Is it really important to count leafy veggies in macros? I mean, I TOTALLY understand counting starchy veggies, tubers, fruit, nuts, meats, ext... but broccoli? Onions? Greens? Now that I am actually weighing my food, my eyes have been open to the fact that 100 grams of onion is NOT a lot. Jeez.

I am also concerned about fat gain. Because I REALLY feel like I am gaining fat! All I want is to see my abs I have worked hard for! I lift heavy 4-5x a week with HIIT 3x. I eat 100% clean and LOVE to cook, hardly ever am eating out so that's not a problem.

I fear I have metabolic damage. I was severely underweight with food disorders over a year ago... was about 93lbs. I am healthier now, and have been instructed by a trainer to slowly increase my fat and carbs each week till I hit maintain mode (being young and very active, I SHOULD be able to eat more than 200g carbs without a problem.) Hmm. Seems like I can't even maintain my weight where I am!

Current macros:

90g fat, 190g carbs, 125g protein



on April 14, 2014
at 05:58 AM

You've been working on your abs since you were 11?

Seems a bit far fetche...I'm sensing OCD or eating disorder.

Check out http://home.fuse.net/clymer/bmi/ play with the numbers and read the info

How visable do you expect those abs to be?


What's the point of this level of actiity? >>>>lift heavy 4-5x a week with HIIT 3x<<<<

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on April 14, 2014
at 06:05 AM

I'm getting thinness obsession vibe here....


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