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Asked on August 07, 2014
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they were brilliant campaigners are discussed I???m for water I just feel something specs if this is Walter going well I guess that's what it takes maybe Vicario that works for all for Capri stop eating at a look at your Oscar I think Academy really has to watch at me as I said in my coverage if the you know I???m my talked about the BTT results and you and also the extra mile I said is this a Ripley's Believe It or Not award you know what are you already here so I think it should be discouraged because not only is it clich?? insurance you know I'm not everything's been taken to work out a performance it's dangerous for the for the actors mea believe Tom Hardy you Thermosculpt Pro said had to stop doing weight fluctuationsperot's issues told by his doctor was healthy I think Tom Hanks when hews diagnosed diabetes his doctor said his rapid weight loss and weight gain after roles back to their course the famous last week himself for castaway also for Philadelphia I was another overheat really physically changed himself you want the Oscar there for Philadelphia so I think the Academy is our enabling these actors to really are themselves really I mean that they want to be that obvious about what it takes to win Oscars.


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