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Share this price is a little bit more detail in a couple of a photographs taken down the microscope the show's I an artery which wouldn???t originally have a diameter indicated by this out erred line here but the process have hardening of the arteries are atherosclerosis Thermosculpt Pro has cause calcification indicated by these dark areas and thickening the wall of the artery so that now the space in the middle is substantially narrowed and this will have the effect to restricting the flow through the solitary to the organ it's affected if I could have the next plasma screen image this is one of the problems with this narrowing not only is the flavor reduced normally but there's a worried that the blood can clot in the artery during life and this is called a thrombus Sinus image if two of trees from the heart you can see the one over here is still got open middle with where blood can flow but throne on this side has got blood clot in it occupying motto the space in the middle of the Art Fair Park miss that'll irregular space in the middle and obviously this would have had disastrous consequences for the heart that this artery supply in part to a demonstration.

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