Herniated Disc?

Answered on May 10, 2015
Created April 21, 2015 at 11:06 PM

Recently I had a trapezius strain which was caused by doing pull-ups, however I had hurt that area a few weeks before doing dumbell pullovers. I was told by my doctor to take a week off from any training,and the pain changed from being just an ache in my trapezius. Now I have pain that radiates down the arm all the way to the pinky and the ring finger, and whenever i shrug my shoulders and lower them the side that is effected shakes more than the non-injured side. Also I have pain around the shoulder blade area and mid-back when I sneeze or take a deep breath. These symptoms have been going on for about a month. Does anyone know if this could actually be a herniated disc or has the strain never recovered? Thanks in advance for any answers!

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2 Answers



on May 10, 2015
at 03:20 PM

I wonder if herniated disks aren't one of those things that disappear (or at least vastly improve) when intaking a lot of well prepared bone broth. Disks become herniated when they are weak.


on May 10, 2015
at 09:58 AM

I had that kind of problem. thought id strained something for a while until I had pins and needles shooting down my arm and into my pinky finger...ended up having a herniated disc in my neck and had to have the disc replaced and a titanium brace bolted into my neck. Not fun at all.

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