Would it be a waste of money for me to buy a Door gym Tower

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 20, 2012 at 5:13 AM

Hey guys,

I've lost around 7Kg in 7 weeks just on diet alone. I'm really looking at improving those numbers and I know I need to add exercise.

I don't have the funds to pay for a gym membership or a personal trainer but I have seen some of those door gym contraptions going for fairly cheap. Does anyone think these are any good or would I be better off with something else

Here's a link as an example


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on June 20, 2012
at 05:34 AM

At that price you could give it try. Seems similar to resistance bands, which some people like. I tend to prefer freeweights and bodyweight exercises. You can do great workouts with just bodyweight and it's totally free! I like my home gym which is mostly dumbbells, picked up off craigslist at decent prices, but I've spent a few hundred on them over a period of time. Barbells a la "Starting Strength" are probably the best route for serious strength training. That said, bodyweight is very paleo! (and can be done anywhere)

The reason I do not like resistance bands is that I never seem to get the same satisfying feeling of accomplishment that I get when I lift a weight.



on June 20, 2012
at 03:30 PM

You are better off using body weight.

You can download a free Primal Blueprint Fitness pdf from MarksDailyApple. Highly recommend!



on June 20, 2012
at 06:21 PM

If you have a doorway I'd get a pullup bar for the doorway. This kind will not require screws: http://amzn.to/L50wSF

I have this kind...

You can get a lot of great workouts over at http://bodyrock.tv

here is a workout I use quite a bit

5 sets.. minimal rest between

All exercises are 1 set.. no rest between different excercises 8 reps pullups 10 push ups 15 body weight squats: http://www.acefitness.org/exerciselibrary/135/bodyweight-squat

Adjust the reps and the # of sets to your fitness level

Here is another workout:

15 burpees (do 5 sets)

If you can get some 10 pound dumbells you could do some "man makers"

1 man maker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gczI5sINn9U

do 10 to 15 man-makers

There are just a few ideas to get you started. Here is another idea... start homesteading and producing food on your land (if you have room) ... it's a lot of hard work and you'll get a lot of practical exercise doing it. Start by making a garden and go from there.

Just some ideas.


on June 20, 2012
at 04:37 PM

"You Are Your Own Gym" is a pretty good book on body weight exercises. I bought it a few months back.




on June 20, 2012
at 04:27 PM

Well done on your weight loss!

As Dave said there are so many body weight exercises you can do without taking up much space at home however at that price there isn't much risk.

You can also buy kettlebells which are a great workout. They might seem expensive but they last forever. There are loads of kettlebells exercises on the web. Check out mad methods for some kettlebells exercises.

Another item you can buy is a pull up bar to get some good upper body strength.

Good luck!



on June 20, 2012
at 06:18 PM

It would be a waste of money to buy any piece of exercise equipment solely for weight-loss.


on June 20, 2012
at 04:54 PM

Only you can answer this, but I think no, it would not be a waste as long as you use it.

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