When did you notice physical changes?

Answered on January 05, 2015
Created January 03, 2015 at 3:17 PM

I've lost some weight on Paleo since starting 2 weeks ago, but have yet to notice any physical changes, i.e. reduction of love handles, slimming of waist, loss of back fat areas. I'm currently 5'6" and 178lbs. I measured 17% body fat a month ago. I walk 5-6 days a week for approximately 45-60 minutes with some jogging intervals. I also do some strength training with a trainer 2 days per week where I do 2 strength movements and a few series of metabolic exercises for time. I know not all bodies are created equal, but when do you think I'll start to notice anything?

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on January 05, 2015
at 02:17 PM

I started to feel better within 2 weeks and within about 4-5 weeks started to notice significant weight and "girth" loss.

I was very strict with the diet initially, absolutely no grains or sugars, only water and black coffee to drink, no dairy, and very low carb (less than 25g per day).  After about 6-8 weeks I loosened up on that and added back dairy (which has never given me problems), wine, and I gradually added back carbs.

I think the one thing that probably made the biggest difference for me was a zero-carb breakfast, basically two eggs even morning.  This might get boring after a while but I stuck to it for over 6 months.  This started my body off every morning ready to burn fat with a diminished appetite.

Good luck and stick with it, you'll feel better.



on January 05, 2015
at 02:05 PM

5'6" with love handles and you clocked in at 17% bodyfat? Those facts don't seem to line up.


At any rate, an improving body image is like watching the hour hand on a clock - you have fair evidence that it is indeed moving but darned if you can tell from day to day. If you are hurting for proof of your progress then my advice is to revel in inforporn. That is, collect data. Numbers, photos, whatever. Observe the long lasting trend. If the numbers show improvement, then trust in the process and just keep going. You will SEE the difference one day. If the numbers aren't favorable...then there's no such thing as a sunk cost when it comes to your health and you should tweak/replace your plan.

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