Weight loss using paleo, cardio and whey isolate

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created November 20, 2012 at 10:54 PM

Hey guys I recently been eating paleo with minimal carbs and have seen some progress losing weight. Dropped from 280 to 250. My goal is 180 or lower. I recently bought whey isolate and I'm not sure when I should consume it. Before it after a mile/2mile run. Also any tips to improve weight loss would be greatly appreciated (:

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3 Answers



on November 21, 2012
at 12:43 AM

If you're really eating paleo you should be getting plenty of protein from meat, fish, eggs, etc. and you really don't need to supplement. 80-120 grams of protein, for most people, is more than enough and if you're eating a protein/fat based diet like paleo you should be well within this range if not significantly over it. The whey is unnecessary.

Also, with regard to fat loss protein consumption, whether it's before or after working out, can be done at any point in the day. There's no need to subscribe to the nonsense of having it immediately before or after a run. For the sake of being comfortable, a small amount of carbohydrate dense food might be beneficial before or after a run but that's about it. It really doesn't take much.

As far as fat loss? Don't try to run it off. This is a mistake a lot of people make - cardio for fat loss is ineffective and usually makes people want to overeat. Control what you eat, maintain the muscle you have while trying to gain more where possible, and let your body do the rest.

That said 280 to 250 is very impressive ! I know what a difference 30 pounds can make in the mirror. Keep up the good work.


on November 21, 2012
at 09:59 AM

I eat as much as I need to maintain strength, energy and a healthy weight. In fact, my diet is probably much higher in fat than you???d imagine. Fat isn???t the enemy -- it???s a great energy source when it comes from high quality foods like avocado, coconut and nuts. And I???m not trying to do a ???low carb??? thing, but since I???m eating vegetables and fruits instead of bread, cereal and pasta, it just happens to work out that way.



on November 21, 2012
at 01:22 AM

Whey is fine for a quick meal when your on the go. Just be sure to use some fat (maybe coconut milk) with it if your doing a meal replacement. I'd go with concentrate rather than isolate though. Hey one less processing step may or may not matter, but thats just my preference. Most like it for a quick after workout hit. All in all it's not as good as whole foods, but it isn't bad either. If I were 250lbs I'd be aiming for around at least 150g of protein a day. But if you are preferentially making meat, eggs, seafood and such the centerpiece of your diet without fearing the fat you really shouldn't have to count. You should be hitting your optimal amounts almost automatically.

I see your 2 mile run. Thats great, but be sure to add in a bit of resistance exercise too. Doesn't really have to be more than 2x/week and it can even be a bodyweight routine, but be sure to do something in this regard.

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