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Answered on September 12, 2014
Created May 08, 2013 at 2:03 PM

I have hit a plateau with my weight-loss, and I have have about 40 more lbs. to go. What is the best, most effective way to kick my loss up a notch? My goal is about another 15-20lbs with the next month.



on May 08, 2013
at 03:11 PM

Lose weight or burn fat? To burn fat whats been working for myself recently is eating lowish carb but mostly lifting a heavy weight which helps a LOT. Im astonished at how much belly fat im burning by just picking up a heavy kettlebell for half an hour every other day

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on May 13, 2013
at 04:21 PM

Try reducing your calories and eating high protein/high fiber. Increase your exercise- do interval training and weight resistance. This is a great article for doing a reduced calorie plan for quick results http://healthdivas.blogspot.com/2011/06/can-800-calorie-day-diet-help-you-slim.html

Take a look and get some tips. Losing weight faster can help you keep it off too :)


on May 09, 2013
at 01:30 PM

This is what works for me.

  1. Eat Paleo in a disciplined way. Define that your way. For me it means eliminating grains, dairy, sugar, fruit, processed anything and alcohol. Period. Generally I eat between 3 and 8 pm and do not graze or snack otherwise. I get enough to eat in that period that I just don't want a meal until about 3. If I feel like a little something, I take a shot of olive oil, a gob of coconut oil or a small piece of 85% chocolate.

  2. Lift weights 2 or 3x times a week. Squats/dead lifts, chins or pull ups, bench press and shoulder presses. Bang bang bang and out. I try to make steady gains and keep the session under an hour.

  3. Once or twice a week I'll walk with a weighted vest or do intervals with a jump rope.

  4. I walk every day. Just to get to where I go anyway. Grocery store, cafe, movies, friends, AA meetings, etc. Maybe 2 hours a day. That's a luxury I enjoy because I'm retired.

I haven't weighed myself before or after. My suggestion to you is to forget what the scale says and modify your timetable. Your body won't cooperate with your schedule anyway. It will do what it wants to do. The true story here is not your weight anyway. Lose fat and you'll get what you're after.

I went from 38 inch jeans to a 31, from an XL T shirt to a medium. I don't give a damn if I gained weight with those results. Good luck



on May 08, 2013
at 02:23 PM

This is not going to happen. Revise your goals. You should be happy with 4lbs lost per month. It feels awful being stuck for a while in a plateau, but just behave yourself (i.e. keep doing paleo, mild calorie restriction, go learn about Seth Robert's research if you are having trouble with your appetite) and you will look back on this as a blip.

Over-emphasis on the scale can lead to stupid things. You could possibly achieve this impossible goal- by dehydrating yourself. Do I need to repeat that this is a stupid idea? Go drink some water right now! You want to lose fat, not end up dead.



on May 08, 2013
at 02:19 PM

You ask a general question, so I'll give a general answer. Eat less overall, exercise more. Keep protein high and carbs and fat inversely proportional. Calories do matter at the end of the day regardless of carb content. Really need to know more to give any sort of real advice.


on May 09, 2013
at 12:08 PM

For one month you can lose only 8-9lbs in healthy way. Manage your meals as smaller portions. By this way your metabolic rate increases and fats will be burnt easily. Eat low calorie foods and avoid your intake of processing foods to stay from plateau.

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