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I can't do that so therefore I want to be been for the rest of my life that mean I need to be on a diet for the rest of my life in my opinion yup I really do you can call it whatever you want free to call if it planned fitful like playing a healthy life plan I just call it like they don't get what I want however the flip side is I get to be been verses eat that's your choice I love you guys no one thought you are whatever makes you happy that everybody personal decision that is why when I said to pay a program tried to pick a program but you could stay on for the rest %uh Europe life because you???re going to have to you if you want to be been for the rest of your life. Hey is Jill is heavy as the world spoke eat him those 18 plus percent our children right now are obese allotter if you go with the flow un-American today hew land up overweight world peace as two-thirds of Americans do don't want to be fat for the rest my I've got diabetes sleep apnea high blood pressure I get dizzy when I get up everything???s hurting now the new Ukraine broccoli Mr. generation is growing up creating a Big Mac we have built a cheap food model and that???s the one we're dealing with right now is so hard to combat against TV???s telling you my kid I'll kind of food that we eat is the kind its most profitable local regional foods taste better the way in the nation is under control but we can six I like Mark market everything at this number me have got to come together as a country and really make this a primary Co don't respect to get after it it's not only held it's about survival and well-being I???ll the United States is a nation the reason we have government in the first place is to solve problems collectively we can solve individual if we don't now take this has a really serious urgent national priority we are all of us individually and as agnation going to pay really serious price I'm in mom I'm from I'm the me on weight and balance when my husband Ingot me thirty years ago from that and from done then you start having a family in act must like a child it was like truth.


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