The back for one more round very fast

Asked on June 28, 2014
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The back for one more round very fast enough after let's go buddy hey it's we go much sub-headline just keep has yes that's it yet at it that's it your Ryan see that's a pretty sight budget keep it going yeah tourists but it is dead like this is unwanted USD 365 by the end this year it would be so amazing to go a couple blocks are you on my leave in like the possibilities now I realize our analyst he lives to write another day I'm so here we are ninety days and he feeling I don't know what the numbers going to be here when it's an essay but I can honestly say I am proud of myself for the effort I put inalright the Cubs shirt after shoes won the first things I never said to use it a minute every single goal you give me this year he misses the first one is to be devastating when you first stepped on the scale three months ago you read for hanging 10 pounds you the Colts Cleanse Ultima is111 pounds in the last 90 days service gets de sees 299 pounds or less you go and as promise week e-tickets to every green bay packers home a good step on the scale right about one thing 26 go pack go you a 298 pounds you lost 112 pounds to see a loss to 112 pounds it means that I accomplished my first major promise to myself it just feels amazing look what happens when you run toward your fears and opens up doors to Flambeau Field because now you and your dad are you going to every home and overseas call you think he's going to holler yeah I???m sorry my Say Baba for a as a break now days to you has officially begun so for phase two I watch in 60 pounds I am so determined and I'm going to do whatever it takes there'll be no bad days for these next90 days trust you're going to want to be sixty pound slighter because in the phase 2 got a milestone in store for you I know you just started to learn how to ride but at the six-month mark you retire in a rights Los Angeles Times an Diego 100 miles right now with me just learning this.


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