rebounding/mini-trmapolining weight loss and HIIT

Answered on May 15, 2014
Created September 17, 2013 at 6:21 PM

i wonder if anyone has lost a significant amount of weight doing trampolining? any tips/secrets? i have a mini rebounder, i was on it for 10 minutes yesterday, felt great, and am actually a bit sore (in my core) today, which i take as a good sign. can i do HIIT on it, like how long should the intervals be?

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3 Answers

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on May 15, 2014
at 05:20 AM

The fundamental thought of HIIT is that you practice in short blasts of extraordinary movement for up to 60 seconds on end (or as meager as 10 seconds). In the middle of blasts your movement level ought to be simple or moderate. The principles aren't resolute, however typically a session keeps going no more than 20 minutes, with 8-10 minutes being more normal. You can do HIIT while strolling, swimming, on a trampoline, with weights, on a bicycle etc


on May 15, 2014
at 01:58 AM


I have a mini trampoline that I set up inside and exercise on quite often. I have found it to be a great way to exercise because you can be listening to music and not have worry about the weather ( if you had wanted to go jogging...) I jump holding weights lifting and lowering my arms for extra strengthening. My breathing does become heavy and sweat breaks out on my forehead ( I do it for 15-30 min) I also jump fast and then slow alternating, hope this helps!!!



on September 17, 2013
at 11:50 PM

HIIT means 100% full power, give-it-everything effort bursts interrupted with necessary pauses - because you can't humanely keep it up for more than 10 or 20s. I don't think you can achieve such patterns with trampolining.

Now, you just found an exercice that you like and is fun - that's just great. Keep on doing it.

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