Please hack my situation: Crohn's/SIBO/Weight Loss

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I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease 15 years ago, and went through the traditional Western medical regimen (steroids, maintenance drugs, Ensure, BRAT diet, etc). I've strayed away from that approach and adopted a more natural method in an attempt to eliminate the causes of my Crohn's. Considering I was a formula baby who was fed nothing but processed garbage his whole life, moving over to a Paleo diet was supposed to be a total reversal. I have entirely eliminated grains, processed and artificial ingredients, sugar, beans, etc. I still consume raw dairy, because I have no adverse reactions to it and my diet mostly consists of grass fed beef, wild caught seafood, pastured pork, farm fresh eggs, organic vegetables and fruit. I limit my seeds and nuts, but don't really limit my fruit because I'm not looking to lose weight by going too low-carb. I do however eat low FODMAP because of SIBO.

In 2009 I was in an accident and had a bowel resectioning which was later reversed, and since then I've battled SIBO twice. I have been keeping my SIBO at bay with low FODMAP diet, plus I use peppermint/oregano oil, Hcl to keep the bacteria down and L-glutamine in order to try to help repair the gut and coconut oil. I consume bone broth about once or twice a week as well. I do not however, take probiotic supplements, I instead consume raw dairy and lactofermented foods (Pimental says that probiotic supplements will make SIBO worse for people with Crohn's post surgery).

My problem is, I'm losing weight. I don't know why. I am under a considerable amount of stress, which could cause some problems absorbing and my BM have been watery ever since my accident. I'm tired, stressed and disappearing, but otherwise following the Paleo diet/lifestyle but not seeing any benefits.

Help please?



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