No period for almost 2 years now? And overweight now?

Answered on March 01, 2014
Created February 27, 2014 at 6:50 PM

When I had anorexia, I reached a bmi of 13.5, I know, really bad. At that time, I was eating low fat and carb, so thats even worse. But I didn't want to go down that road so I listened to my doctors, eat more, so i did. I gained weight, and then again, eat more, gained weight, and again. Now i'm overweight with no period. I'm upset. Cause rather than just losing my period, now i'm overweight! and not by a little. Does anybody know how I can lose this excess weight and get my period back? What should my macros look like?

(btw, i'm 18, so yes, I am young.)



on March 01, 2014
at 04:20 AM

Some numbers would be useful...age, ht, wt, waist. Your view of overweight may not accurate. Current diet (foods & qtys).

Current workout schedule.

Lack of a period for a young woman is not a good sign. :(

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on February 28, 2014
at 12:55 AM

It happened to me once that I was working out too much and not eating enough fat... Then I worked out less and still nothing.... Now I started eating a bit more and everything's back to normal.. You see, your body takes time to adapt or to get back to normal.... Your macro ratios, like Rachelliot just mentioned are very important.... You need fat in order to produce estrogen n all those hormones we women have. So you may wanna tweak your diet a little bit.


on March 01, 2014
at 09:38 PM

Although your question is about your period, it seems like you are asking about healthy BMI/health in general and using your period as a marker of health. There are so many variables, it's not possible to control all of them and get the promise of hormonal balance. Also, your period is not necessarily the best way to measure your health.

If you have a trusted doctor, I recommend requesting an electrolyte panel and finding out the specifics of your body chemistry. Then perhaps you could find a nutritionist, talk about your goals and share your results, and find out how much to eat and what to eat. They might also be able to explain to you why you are having certain symptoms/how to avoid them.

I recommend that you find the support of professionals who you trust and feel comfortable with to help you. Consider a support group to help you work through everything. Coming to this forum is a good start! Some health challenges require more attention than we can offer, so consider seeking out other resources for support.



on February 28, 2014
at 01:50 PM

Seek professional help, you have an untreated eating disorder.


on February 27, 2014
at 11:15 PM

what are your macro ratios like now? You may need to tweak carbs a little. Get off dairy if you're primal

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